Main Functions of Renee Becca


Migrate Windows System with 3 Steps!

  • Migrate Windows system to SSD with all data reserved.
  • Automatic 4K alignment! Help users to get best performance of SSD!
  • Whole migrate process just need 3 simple steps!
  • New SSD could be used to boot computer after clone finished.
  • Improve computer performance easily.
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select system redeploy function in renee becca

Step 1: Select System Redeploy Function in Clone

select destination to migrate system

Step 2: Select Target Disk to Migrate System

change disk

Step 3: Replace Disk with SSD


Clone Disk to Another with Larger/Smaller Size

  • 3 Steps clone all data in the original disk to the new disk. Automatic 4K alignment!
  • Support to clone disk to new HDD with larger size or SSD with smaller size.
  • New disk could be used to boot computer after clone finished.
  • Different plans can help you make use of spare space of the new disk.
select hard disk clone function

Step 1: Select “Hard Disk Clone” function in “Clone”

clone to disk with larger size

Step 2: Select target plan to make use of free space

renee becca hdd ssd 600x398

Step 3: Replace disk after clone finished


Backup Everything You want in Disk!

  • Support to backup/make backup plans for disk, system, partitions, folders and even single file.
  • Support to make backup plans and update backup files at specific time.
  • Provides 5 different backup models to help you save disk space.
  • Backup and restoration operation are simple!

Step 1: Click “Backup” and select target backup function.

select destination

Step 2: Select a destination to save the backup files.

select backup plan

Step 3: Select the backup plan you want and start to backup

How to Replace Disk for Desktop & Laptop after Cloned

install disk in laptop
install disk in laptop

The Easiest & Safest OS Migration Software

user friendly

No Expert Skills Needed

The Wizard of Migrating OS to SSD/HDD will help you complete the simple process.

no data lost

No Data Lost

Migrate Windows operating system with all data reserved. No data lost or damage.

system optimization

System Optimization

Clean system junks, extend C drive, rebuild MBR, disk defragment, disk surface test and repair Raid-5, etc.

supported os

Windows OS Supported

Support Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista/Windows Serve 2016/2012/2008/2003 and Home Server

Technical Advantages

  • Only a few clicks for whole disk clone process.
  • Users can boot computer with the target disk after clone finished.
  • Automatically initialization instead of artificially partition built.
  • Support CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW,DVD+R/RW and DVD+R DL drive for bootable media creation.
  • Automatic 4K Alignment!
  • Support cloning Windows system to a smaller SSD.
  • No need to clean or defrag file system on target disk.
  • Support large hard disk (including MBR, GPT hard disk, even 2TB+ hard disk)
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Technical References

Storage Media
Hard Disk Drives (Support 2TB+)
USB1.1/2.0/3.0 drives
Supported Operating Systems
Windows 10 all Editions
Windows 8.1 & 8 all Editions
Windows 7 all Editions SP1
Windows Vista all Editions SP2
Windows XP all Edition
Windows Home Server 2011
Supported File Systems
FAT16/32, NTFS
Raw Image support

More Useful Functions 

Backup Your Files Continuously

Backup Whole Operating System Continuously

Backup your medias, email and other files. Support any storage devices,like USB, external hard drives.
Set backups to run automatically whenever you want. Advanced VSS shadow technology can handle work while backups are underway.
Restore Your Files Quickly and Easily

Easily & Quickly Restore

Losing an important file, or unable to boot the computer. Don’t worry, you can go back in time to recover it in 3 simple steps.
See a timeline of all your backups, then preview and choose the file versions you want to restore.
Use Advanced Backup Routines

Use Advanced Backup Routines

Incremental or differential backups can capture changes since your last backup and save disk space. Automatically deleting old images can also save disk space.
hard disk clone

Create a Complete Disk Image

Backup and restore a complete disk image, not just files, but also OS, bookmarks, apps, .etc.
Clone disk for hard drive upgrade and clone partition for massive data transfer.
erase data

Erase Hard Drive for Security

Destroy all data on hard drives completely to prevent data from being recovered by any data recovery software.
Supports 17 security standards DoD 5220.22-M.

Lost data recovery

Data recovery can recover mistakenly deleted/ formatted/ lost/ corrupted/ inaccessible data which has not been backup or transferred from any storage devices like SD card, SSD, HDD, cameras, etc.