Reasons of Choosing Renee Secure Silo?

Confidential files and data is crucial for company’s future and development. File Encrypt function in Renee Secure Silo can help enterprise free from ransomware or being stolen from PC by malicious hack. Adapted the advanced AES256 encryption algorithm, Renee Secure Silo gets a high-strength key which will keep users’ classified data from leakage. Besides, users can also password protect files, folders, and disk. Encrypt and backup data instantly. Renee Secure Silo also equips with hide and file disguise function to fulfill users’ different needs. And it supports to handle data in different storage devices like laptop, desktop, USB disk, CD, external disk, etc.

  • Encrypt files in seconds
  • Advanced encryption algorithm provides better security
  • Encrypt files in any storage devices
  • User-friendly
  • Trial version is available
  • Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32bits and 64bits)


Encrypt in Seconds
Adapting the virtual encrypted disk, whether users want to modified or add new encryted files, Renee Secure Silo can make it in second. The usage of the virtual encrypted disk is similar with the universal hard disk.
easy to use
Concise interface can help users master the software quickly. Encrypting, hiding even disguising files can be finished in seconds.
High Security
AES256 encryption algorithm helps Renee Seecure Silo encrypt files confidentially. Users can open and close the encrypted files with simple steps. Encrypted files will not be spied even users off the PC. With the floating window, users can close software with one click.
Encrypt any Data
Encrypt any Data
Users can create a virtual encrypted disk in which can handle removable and confidential files. Support to encrypt images, videos, Office documents and software.
Protect Portable USB Devices
Protect Portable USB Devices
Users can create the virtual encrypted disk in any portable storage devices, like USB disk, CD. Renee Secure Silo will turn the files in the disk to executable files and users do not need to install Renee Secure Silo in storage devices.
hide data/folder
Hide Data/Folders
Hiding Easily hide files/folders from computer to eliminate the possibility of confidential disclosure. To read and write hidden files, simply open Renee Secure Silo and enter password.
Prefect Disguise
Prefect Disguise
Disguise the folders in computer to be recycle, printer, network dailing, network groups, control panel, or management tool.
Encrypt Self-extracting Files
Encrypt Self-extracting Files
Generate an encrypted self-extracting file to send it as an email attachment. The recipient simply enters the password to open the file without installing Renee Secure Silo.
Password Wallet
Password Wallet
You can create a password wallet in the software and add your own card, credit card, business card, business information, ID card and other personal information. There are no quantitative restrictions.

Screenshoots of Renee Secure Silo

Concise interface, user-friendly
Protect data for enterprise and personal with easy and simple steps

Support Center

24/7 Customer Service
Knowledgeable representatives available to assist you through live chat or E-mail – any time of day or night.

How to encrypt files with Renee Secure Silo? Is it complicated?

You can create a virtual encrypted disk with Renee Secure Silo. Then place the files you want to protect to this diks. Please refer to “FAQ” if you encounter any problem when using the software.

What are the differences between free and full version? How to get the full version of Renee Secure SIlo?

Users can create a virtual encrypted disk with 500 MB in free version of Renee Secure Silo. However, larger capacity is available in full version, which can fufill the needs of enterprise and personal. Please click (Buy Now) to get the full version of Renee Secure Silo.
Technical Support
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Runs on: (Supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions)

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vita
  • Windows XP

Clients & Testimonials

More Than 500,000 of Happy Customers

Encrypting files with Renee Secure Silo is very easy and whole process is stable.

Being a designer, I need to protect my customers personal data. And Renee Secure Silo meets my needs. It can create many virtual encrypted disks in which saves data of different customers severalty and free from data leakage.

Renee Secure Silo can provide overall protection to my data, like encrypt, hide and even disguise data.