There are always some accidents that make you lost/delete your important files unfortunately. Don’t panic. All of them can be restored. Renee Undeleter , an effective data recovery software, is not only user-friendly but also with many optional advanced features which can retrieve your lost important files like videos, photos, documents, etc. from all kinds of memory devices and PC.
3 Recovery Steps of Renee Undeleter

1. Select Recovery Mode

2. Scan Device

3. Preview & Recovery

Fast Partition Scan

Recover the files after emptying Recycle Bin or deleted by mistake without data backup.

Whole Partition Scan

Scan the whole partition and list all files. Especially for the formatted partition or inaccessible issue.

Whole Disk Scan

Scan entire disk to find out all partitions’ information & simulate the partition table.

Image Creation

Create a partition image which can be used in case that reading partition is slow or need a backup.

Get Your Data Back Now

Renee Undeleter has helped thousands of businesses and home users recover files that are damaged or deleted, as well as retrieve data from formatted or corrupt volumes– even from initialized disks. Each scan mode brings you different result.

Fast Partition Scan 82%
Whole Partition Scan 91%
Whole Disk Scan 95%

Key Features

Fast Partition & Whole Disk Scan

Fast Partition Scan could find several files in minutes. Besides,desired file types could be selected before scan which could save your time. Whole Disk Scan could find more old documents that you lost long time ago for various reasons.

Amazing Photo Recovery

Photo recovery has always been the strength of Renee Undeleter. Supporting image preview enables you to find your target files , to check their qualities before recovery and to achieve that what you see is what you get.

Office Documents Preview

For technological reasons, after the data was recovered, some document information is missing, including file type, size and time etc., which reduces the data recovery rate. Renee Undeleter supports office document preview, which could greatly improve the recovery quality.

Formatted Data Recovery

If the whole disk has been formatted, can I recover those important documents? Don’t worry, provided that no large amount of new data has been written in, Renee Undeleter could still recover disk data, and restore the disk to its pre-formatting status.

Memory Card Data Recovery

Since memory card is easy to use and carry, it is used widely now. However, data in memory card can be lost by accident for various reasons. Don’t worry, even if memory card has been formatted without any trace left, Renee Undeleter could still find them for you.

Recycle Bin Data Recovery

Generally, deleted files are kept in Windows Recycle Bin, which are recoverable. But what if the Recycle Bin is emptied, how to recover those files which are deleted by accident? Renee Undeleter could help you find and retrieve those files easily.

Risk-free Recovery

Your free download of Renee Undeleter provides scanning tools to search your devices for deleted files and inform you exactly which files are recoverable. Once you know what’s retrievable, simply register to continue with complete file recovery. Unregistered version can recover 20MB data for Free.
Try it for Free
Do not install the software on the same drive where you lost data.


Simple, Worry-free, Effective Data Recovery

User-friendly and easy-to-use,just a few steps for whole recovery process. Perfect for the newbie and professional alike.

  • Before Install

    Before Install

  • Read Before Everything

    Read Before Everything

  • Renee Undeleter Menu

    Renee Undeleter Menu

    You can find all the data recovery solutions here.

  • Select The Drive

    Select The Drive

    Select the drive you wish to scan.

  • Select Scan Mode

    Select Scan Mode

    "Fast Scan" and "Deep Scan". You may select "Fast Scan" to save time while "Deep Scan" can find older files.

  • File Filter

    File Filter

    For beginner users Renee Undeleter has a simple wizard that helps you to locate the deleted files on your system by file types.

  • Create Image

    Create Image

    You can back up your data preventing from disaster data lost.

  • Preview While Scanning

    Preview While Scanning

    You can preview files while scanning.

Support Center

24/7 Customer Service

Experienced representatives are available to assist you through live chat or E-mail – any time of day or night.

How many payment methods for purchasing?

You can purchase Renee Undeleter via Credit Card, PayPal and Wire transfer. We also accept Bravo, Euro Card, JCB, Novus, Master Debit and Visa Debit.

What I can do to find the files, I want to recover quickly?

You may try the following steps: Fast scan partition ->select the drive and scan mode –> select “Advanced Settings ” –> Customized Settings –> File Types –> Select the file types you want to recover -> click “Others” ->select 512 Bytes in “Allocation Size”

The program hangs up. I can do nothing to it. What I should do?

Please try to close anti-virus software. Some Anti-virus software will prevent reading disk directly.
If you have connected some SD card or external drive, please try to disconnect them before recovering files.
In addition, you can also connect the customer service and tell us the version of your Windows and whether you use RAID array in your PC.

What to do when the program crashed while recovering files?

Please close the anti-virus software and try again. Some anti-virus software may stop our software becuse it access disk in low level.
You may select a folder which is not compatible with our software. Such as network share folder.
When try to scan again, please do not recover after finishing scan.
After a successful scan, the scan result will be saved. You can reuse it for a second time.
1. return to main menu
2. Click the function you have selected to scan the disk.
3. select the top item
This method can save a lot of time.

I cannot open my recovered DOC/DOCX files. What I should do?

If your recovered files are damaged or corrupted, your files may has been overwritten. You may try the following method to fix them.
Method 1:
Word Open and Repair.
Method 2:
If you delete the content, save and close the file finally, you will not be able to recover the deleted content.
Anyway, program always save a backup file in the same folder. After closing the file, the backup file will be deleted. Please try to use “Files Recovery” to scan your drive and search for the file which has the same name with your original file. For example, your original file is “abc.doc”. You could search for “~abc.doc” or “abc_1.doc” in the same directory.


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FAQ-Renee Undeleter

Runs on: (Supports 32-bit and 64-bit versions)

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • XP
  • Vista
  • Chinese
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  • English
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Clients & Testimonials

More Than 500,000 of Happy Customers

  • “I am so Happy !!!!!! I have recovered my lost files with the help of your software. Before I found Renee Undeleter, I have tried more than 10 software but none of them could successfully recover one of my files at all. SO A BIG THANK YOU!"
    from Israel
  • “Much appreciated - your software is about to do what I previously considered impossible - made me a hero in the eyes of my mother in law! It perfectly recovered the files that she value very much. It is really a magic software. Its ability really astonishes me deeply!"
    Eric Nellen
    from GB
  • “I have been working on recovering deleted files for about 16 hours using four different software that are in the same prize range. I had absolutely no success. Your program did the trick! It is just perfect and very user friendly. It recovered everything I was looking for. Thanks for a product that did not over-promise its capability."
    Mike Henry
    from CA
  • “I am very pleased that I was able to recover all my wife's contacts, pictures, and videos when we thought they were lost 2 days ago. Great software! Did exactly what I wanted it to do. Hopefully I can get it all restored back as one now...thx."
    Tom Nelson
    from US