What’s new in new version 2017.26.44.313 of Renee Becca?

Fixed some bugs in Clone and System Redeploy function

2. Clone function now supports clone disk with larger memory to another disk

Renee Becca will first fulfill the used storage of each partition and then divide the rest of free space equally in according to the number of the partitions to each partition in new disk when cloning. Here, we can refer to the following example:

Memory of the target disk need to be equal or larger than the space which has been used in source. (Larger will be better, because each disk has some space which is hidden).

Original disk before clone…
Size of Source disk: 500 GB

Size of used space in total: 60 GB

We can get information of each partitions’ used space from the following chart.

conditions of original disk
Disk with smaller size after clone…
Size of target disk: 120 GB

Free space in total: 60 GB

Conditions of 3 partitions after cloned:

*After allocating enough used space of each partition, the rest 60 GB will be divided in to 3 parts equally and add to each partition separately.

conditions of target disk
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