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New ransomware of Bad Rabbit which will encrypt the files in victims' computer has hit the world recently. And Overall protections about how to prevent ransomware like Bad Rabbit, Wanna Cry, and even future one are provided here!

A new ransomware – Bad Rabbit has hit the world on 24th Oct, 2017. Now it has affected system at three Russian websites, an airport in UKraine and an underground railyway in the capital city, Kiev. And we can not make sure how far will this ransomware go and who is behind it. Once your computer got infected, you are prevented to access the files which has been encrypted by Bad Rabbit. Then you will be directed to pay for 0.05 bitcoin which is around $285 to decrypt the files. If you can not make the payment before the timers gets zero, the fee will go up which means victims have to pay more.
3 different ransomware have broken out this year. They are Wanner Cry, Petya and Bad Rabbit. We can not make sure how far this new malware will be able to spread all over the world or whether there will be any other new malware in the future. All we can do is to make enough preparation before it is too late.
bad rabbit ransomware

How to Prevent from Ransomware and Protect Data?

1. Install Anti-virus Software and Make it Up-to-date

Most of antivirus software will update the detection of malware as soon as possible and some will detect and confine the possible malware automatically. But the most important is that install anti-virus software and make it up-to-date.

2. Encrypt Important Data with Reliable Method

If important data in your computer has been encrypted with password, then you do not need to worry about it even it gets stolen.

Renee File Protector is your good choice. It is equipped with AES-256 encryption which is adopted by the U.S. government. Provide total protection to data in your hard disk, external memory devices with hide, protect, password protection, encrypt, erase and etc functions.

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3.Backup Data and Update backup Regularly

No matter you want to prevent from malware, system crash or any other disaster, making backup for important data is the most effect and secure method. With the backup, you do not need to worry about any malware infection. However, parts of computer users do not know how to backup data regularly with automatic backup plans.

Here we can try entirely free backup software – Renee Becca!

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