Renee USB Block
Specially designed for managing the connection of external devices like USB devices, mobile phone, CD ROM. It can disable the unauthorized access to devices, PC and data.
Lock USB devices & CD Rom Manage white-listed devices Lock software/devices Monitor and record the devices activity Internet access control and lock websites

Renee Secure Silo
Overall data security solution for enterprise and home user.Protect sensitive and confidential data in PC, hard disk and portable memory devices.
Encrypt files Protect data in USB disk Password wallet Disguise/hide file

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Company Data Leakage Incidents

  • August 2009

    DuPont sued a scientist. It charged the scientist’s action that he secretly transferred over 600 confidential files to a USB flash drive, in violation of the contract.

  • March 30th, 2018

    MyFitnessPal, a sport app subordinated to Under Armour, was hacked because of a security breach, with 150 million accounts leaked.

  • June 13th 2018

    AcFun, a Chinese video sharing website, announced that 8 to 10 million accounts were hacked.

Data Leakage happens in 80% of Enterprises Every Year

Designers betray the latest and creative plans.
USB is lost, with confidential files outflowed.
Due to the awareness weakness in privacy, staff views unsecure websites and leaks the company information.
Office computers are not reasonably installed network firewall or anti-virus software.
Confidential files are stolen because hackers attack company’s firewall with virus, Trojan horse.
Important files are burgled from office.

Perfect Team: Renee Secure Silo & Renee USB Block

Protect data in the whole data transmission process. Stay away from monetary loss and damage of enterprise’s iamge.

Manage USB Ports Connection

Renee USB Block will manage and control the connection of the USB devices to pevent from unauthorized access to PC and data inside.

Encrypt Data

Lock confidential data in PC and other portable memory devices with Renee Secure Silo to prevent from data leakage in data transmission process.

Monitor Devices’ Activity

Renee USB Block helps users monitor the data transmission, access. If incorrect password is entered over 5 times, alarm email will be sent to the mailbox automatically.

Monitor Log

In addition to the USB lock and monitor function,Renee USB Block also provides complete log management, and supports export the log. Details of file name, size and operation will be recorded in the log for futher reference.

What is Renee Secure Silo?

Specially designed for managing the connection of external devices like USB devices, mobile phone, CD ROM.

Functions like hiding and disguising data are also provided to fulfill different needs.

Excellent Security

  • Encrypt in SecondsAdapting the virtual encrypted disk, whether users want to modified or add new encryted files, Renee Secure Silo can make it in second.
  • High SecurityAES256 encryption algorithm helps Renee Seecure Silo encrypt files with good confidentially. Users can open and close the encrypted files with simple steps. Encrypted files will not be spied even users off the PC. With the floating window, users can close software with one click.
  • Protect Portable USB DevicesUsers can create the virtual encrypted disk in any portable storage devices, like USB disk, CD. Renee Secure Silo will turn the files in the disk to executable files and users do not need to install Renee Secure Silo in storage devices.
encrypt disk

Features of Renee Secure Silo:

● Encrypt files in seconds

● Advanced encryption algorithm provides better security

● Encrypt files in any memory devices

● User-friendly

● Trial version is available

● Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32bits and 64 bits)

download Renee Secure Silo

Crecate Vitural Encrypted Disk


Protect Data in Portable Memory Devices


Password Protect Information of Card/Password

What is Renee USB Block?

Renee USB Block is the software that can protect PC to be maliciously attacked by the external devices, like USB, phone and disc.
Renee USB Block is also designed with other functions, such as network control and program lock, protecting users from hackers.

Excellent Security

  • Filter with Underlying Driver SoftwareRenee USB Block disable USB storage devices with underlying driver software. Brute force will not work to crack.
  • Safety NotificationNotification will be sent to mailbox if wrong password is entered over 5 times
  • Autmotical Detection of USB DevicesPassword wil be required if Renee USB Block detects any USB storage devices.
encrpted disk

Features of Renee USB Block

● Lock USB devices & CD burner

● Manage white-listed devices

● Lock software/devices

● Monitor and record the devices activity

● Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP(32bits and 64bits)

Download USB Block

Lock USB Ports/Websites/Software/Devices


Manage the Access of External Devices


Alarm of Abnormal Login

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Renee USB Block

Renee Secure Silo

Renee USB Block
Renee Secure Silo


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6-20 Licenses: 35% Off
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Prevent Data Leakage in Office

Computers, USB and external drives are common in office.
How to prevent data leakage and well keep confidential files?


In most company, desire of restricting the use of USB ports is very common. Preciously, they just want to forbid staff from using USB storage devices which may harm the data security. Here, we will introduce how to disable USB ports without influencing the normal use of other USB devices.


Here, we will introduce what is encrypted flash drive and the main certification methods of such disk. Besides, recommendation of some reliable and advanced encrypted flash drive will be provided.


The risk of data leak is everywhere. If you want to prevent data from leak in office. Monitoring computer could be a good choice. Here we will go through some effective computer monitoring methods and software.

Guidance: Encrypt Files with Renee Secure Silo

1. Open Renee Secure Silo and click “Encrypt Files”.
2. Click “Create Silo” and select a target place to generate the virtual encrypted disk. Click “Next”.
3. Set the capacity for the virtual encrypted disk. And click “Next”.
4. Move the confidential files to the virtual encrypted disk and protect it.

Guidance: Lock USB Devices with Renee USB Block

1. Open Renee USB Block and click “Add” in White List.
2. Add the target USB memory devices to White List and set the lable. Clikc “OK”.
3. Check “Disable Reading USB Disk” and “Disable Writing to USB Disk”.
4. Please enter the password after connecting the USB disk to PC.