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Renee USB Block

● Monitor the access of USB devices connection and lock websites and other devices

● Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP (32bits and 64 bits)

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Trial Version

  • All operation will be valid in 10 minutes
  • Only default password which can not be modified can be used
  • Can not retrieve password via email
  • No technical support or upgrade

Life Time Version





  • All operations will keep valid
  • Disable the usage of external devices like USB storage sticks, CD, DVD and SD card
  • Change the default password and create own one
  • Disable the usage of external devices like printers, CPM and LPT connecting interfaces, bluetooth and infrared ray
  • Limits the access to specific software and websites with blacklist
  • Monitor the activity of external memory devices
  • Disable the reading/writing of Android phone or iPhone
  • Provide technical support and upgrade

For Enterprise & Team:Life-time Version Quantity of Licenses: 3 – 5 price20% off             For Enterprise & Team: Life-time Version Quantity of Licenses: 6 – 20  price35% off

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● Renee Secure Silo  ● Renee USB Block

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Renee Secure Silo

  • Create virtual encrypted disk
  • Encrypt data in USB disk, external disk and CD
  • Hide data
  • Disguise files/folders
  • Encrypt info of credit card/credential/password

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Renee USB Block

  • Prevent USB Drive/CD/DVD Access
  • Lock websites
  • Lock software
  • Lock external devices
  • Monitor function

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For Enterprise & Team:Life-time Version Quantity of Licenses: 3 – 5 price20% off
For Enterprise & Team :Life-time Version Quantity of Licenses: 6 – 20 prize35% off

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