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Recently, Microsoft released the new Windows 10 Build 17634 with Calendar search and new voice queries.

At the end of March, Microsoft released Windows 10 RedStone 5, Version Build 17634 to Skip Ahead insiders.
Here are the new functions in Windows 10 Build 17634:

Calendar supports to search:

Windows 10’s Calendar finally now lets users search for past or future events. You can query by name, location, people or words. Events that match your search will be visible on calendar and enable users to modify.


Cortana Show Me now supports vioce query

Last week, Windows 10 released Cortana Show Me which is a preview app to show users settings in Windows 10. Users can activte this app via vioce query. For example, user will get related guidance if he says “Show me how to change my background”. Alsso “Let’s go” button will be added for better guidance.

This app has 15 guides and is available in English (American English and U.K. English) and Germany.

Here are the vioce queries that users can try:

  • Update Windows – Try, “Update my Windows device”
  • Check if an app is installed – Try, “How to see what apps are installed”
  • Uninstall an app –Try, “How to uninstall apps”
  • Change desktop background – Try, “Show me how to change my background”
  • Use Airplane Mode – Try, “How do I turn on airplane mode”
  • Change your display brightness – Try, “Show me how to change my screen brightness”
  • Add nearby printers or scanners – Try, “How to add a printer”
  • Turn off Windows Defender Security Center – Try, “Show me how to turn off Windows Defender Security Center”
  • Change Wi-Fi settings – Try, “Show me how to change Wi-Fi network”
  • Change your power settings – Try, “How to change when my computer goes to sleep”
  • Discover Bluetooth devices – Try, “Show me how to discover devices”
  • Check your version of Windows – Try, “How do I find my current version of Windows”