Data Recovery from PC after Wanna Cry Attack

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Afraid of the Wanna Cry? Get to know more about it! Prevention method, solutions after infected as well as how to recover the data back from the PC. Follow us and get more information.

Wanna Cry has infect a number of people in the last few days and news has widely reported. Wanna Cry has been considered to be the most harmful online threats one can encounter. This ransomware will encrypt the most commonly used file in your computer one by one with a very complex encryption algorithm, which can prevent you from accessing your own data. Then Wanna Cry will delete the files while encrypting. If you want to regain the access to the files, you need to pay a huge amount of money as ransom.

How Does Wanna Cry Infect PC? 

Wanna Cry can spread via messages, emails with malicious attachments or links, spam, drive-by downloads, infected sites, torrents, illegal web pages, or Malvertising. In most of the cases, a Trojan horse helps the ransomware to get inside the machine.
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How to Prevent from Wanna Cry Infection?

Backup Data in Your Computer

Best prevention is to backup the data ahead. No matter which situation we met, we can always make a restore.

Professional data backup software – Renee Becca can help you backup the whole system/disk/partition/folder. Automatic backup plans and 5 different backup modes are available.

System Security Update

Close ports 135, 139 and 445 & Disabling SMBv1 support

Detailed information about how to update the system security and disable these ports, please click here.
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How to Combat Wanna Cry?

Once find that the computer got attack from Wanna Cry infection, please try to remove the ransomware as soon as possible. Here includes two aspects: cleaning your system from infection and restoring your encrypted files
Please keep in mind that the Wanna Cry deleted your files while encrypt processing. So, parts of your files may got damaged because new data (the encrypted files) keeps writing in. But with professional data recovery software – Renee Undeleter, you may get back some of your files.
NameWanna Cry
Danger LevelHigh(Ransomware is by far the worst threat you can encounter)
SymptomsVery few and unnoticeable ones before the ransom notification comes up.
Infection MethodFrom fake ads and fake system requests to spam emails and contagious web pages.
Data RecoveryThe best chance of getting your files back will be with data recovery software – Renee Undeleter. This software provides free scan and supports preview before you recovering the files.
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How to Recover Data from the Infected PC

Preparation before recovering data from the infected PC:
Download and install Renee Undeleter into an external memory device before hand.

Note: Please do not install the software into the PC from which you want to recover deleted files from.

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Step 1: Launch the software and select the scan mode.

In this demo, we select Fast Partition Scan which includes Fast Scan and Deep Scan mode to make a fast scan at the beginning. If you want to scan the whole disk, then “Whole disk scan” will be recommended.

Fast scan will just scan the beginning 30 GB of the hard disk. If it can not find out the completed or target files, please try the “Deep Scan” of “Fast Partition Scan” or other scan modes.

select scan mode in Renee Undeleter
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Step 2: Select the partition in which you kept your formatted data before.

select a drive to scan
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Step 3: Select the file types you want to scan. This will save your time.

If you can not make sure the file types, you can skip this step.

Tips:Click “Next” to scan. You can preview the scanned result while scanning.

Renee Undeleter support previewing pictures, word and many file formats before recovery.

select file types to recover
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Step 4: Select the files you want to recover and the destination which you want to restore the data to.

Please note that: You are not recommended to select the hard disk which you recovered your data from to be the destination because this will overwrite the source data. It will be better to save the recovered files in another external memory device.

preview before recovery
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Even Wanna Cry has input some new data into your PC, you can still have a try to scan. Because, it may have chance to get back some files.

Download the professional data recovery software now and start the recovery journey!

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