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Discover the best PDF to JPG conversion tools that offer simplicity and practicality. Save time by choosing the right software that meets all your format conversion needs.

I. How to convert PDF files to JPG files?

how to convert pdf jpg
Different format files have different usage scenarios. When the files need to be spread on social platforms, it is more suitable to use JPG format files. Of course, this is just one of several application scenarios. No matter what purpose you need to convert PDF files into JPG files, the following software can meet your needs.

1. Use Renee PDF Aide to convert PDF files to JPG files

① What is Renee PDF Aide ?
Renee PDF Aide , is a multifunctional tool software that integrates PDF file editing and format conversion. The software integrates advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which can convert scanned PDF files into common format files such as Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Image/HTML/TXT, and you can choose to convert the entire PDF document or PDF document The specified page can be quickly converted into other formats, and the conversion speed can be as high as 80 pages per minute. The software is easy to operate and has various functions. It can not only optimize and edit specific pages of PDF format files, such as repairing damaged files, optimizing the loading time of large files, splitting multi-page files, and combining multiple specified pages into one PDF file. , adjust the display angle of the file, etc., you can also encrypt/decrypt PDF files, add multi-form watermarks to exclusive files, etc.
In addition, Renee PDF Aide also supports the conversion of English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese/Korean/Japanese and other multi-language texts. In OCR mode, selecting the corresponding recognition language can greatly improve the accuracy of character recognition , The conversion efficiency is extremely high, even computer beginners can easily handle it.
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② How to use Renee PDF Aide to convert PDF files to JPG files?
Renee PDF Aide has two functions, one is to meet the basic editing operations on PDF files; the other is The function is to convert PDF files into other commonly used format files. Let’s take a look at how to use Renee PDF Aide’s format conversion function to convert PDF files into JPG files.
The operation steps are very simple, and the specific implementation process is as follows:
Step 1: Download and run Renee PDF Aide, select the (Convert PDF) option and enter.
Convert PDF Options
Step 2: After entering the format conversion page, select the (Image) option in the format conversion bar at the top, and then import the PDF file to be converted into the software through the (Add File) button (or directly drag the PDF file to file display box). After that, you can adjust the resolution of the output picture (JPG file) independently, and the software provides two options (original unchanged) and (custom). In addition, you also need to select (JPG) format in the output image format.
select menu bar
Step 3: After the settings are complete, click the (convert) button on the right to start executing the command to convert PDF files into JPG files, which is very convenient and quick.
start converting

2. Use Adobe Acrobat Pro to convert PDF files to JPG files

Adobe Acrobat Pro is an industry-leading software that supports PDF file browsing, editing and modification.
Developed by Adobe Corporation. It allows converting PDF files into multiple formats, including JPG of course, you just need to import the PDF file and export it to JPG. In addition, the operation interface of the software is also very simple and friendly. It not only supports direct scanning and conversion of various forms of content such as paper documents, electronic forms Excel, emails, websites, photos, etc. Document sharing, protection and intelligent search functions.
As a very reliable PDF editing software, Adobe Acrobat Pro has also developed different application versions for different terminal devices. No matter when and where, you can use it to complete operations such as creating and editing PDF files. In terms of system support, Adobe Acrobat Pro is compatible with all Windows systems and is considered one of the many excellent PDF file editors.
Adobe Acrobat Prosoftware

3. Use Wondershare PDF Converter Pro to convert PDF files to JPG files

As a compact PDF editing software, Wondershare PDF Converter Pro also allows converting PDF files into various formats including JPG, such as Word, PowerPoint, HTML, Excel, EPUB, etc. In addition, it also supports converting files in these formats into PDF files. It is also worth mentioning that this software, like Renee PDF Aide, has the function of optical character recognition (OCR), that is, it has a strong text recognition ability on scanned PDF files and image files, which can maximize the Accuracy of text recognition. Of course, if you want to convert multiple files at the same time, this software can also satisfy you.
It is also very simple to use this software. Find and click the (Add PDF Files) button, select the JPG format in the (Output Format) (export format), and finally click (Convert) in the lower right corner. Click the button to convert PDF files to JPG files.
PDF Converter Pro software

4. Use 4Videosoft PDF Converter Ultimate to convert PDF files to JPG files

4Videosoft PDF Converter Ultimate software is a professional PDF format conversion tool, which allows users to convert PDF files into Word, TEXT, images (JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, etc.), Excel, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, etc. In addition, you can also set and adjust the layout of PDF files, the quality of output text images, resolution, etc. according to actual editing needs; the software uses advanced OCR technology to improve the quality of converted files; and supports The conversion of multi-language characters including Japanese, English, Chinese and Chinese provides users with operation interfaces in four languages: Japanese, English, German and French, which is convenient for users in different regions to operate and use.
The operation of using the software is as follows: Find and click the (Add Files) button to import the PDF file into the software. Then select the JPG format in (Output Format) (export format), and finally click the red (PDF) button to convert the PDF file into a JPG file.
4Videosoft PDF Converter Ultimate software

5. Use iPubsoft PDF Converter to convert PDF files to JPG files

iPubsoft PDF Converter is a format conversion software with simple operation interface and single function. In addition to supporting the conversion of PDF format files into JPG format, PDF format can also be converted into TIFF/PNG/BMP/GIF format. Although the software can provide fewer conversion formats than other format conversion software, its small size makes the software run very fast and takes up less computer space. In addition, it supports simultaneous operation of multiple PDF files, and you can independently select the file pages you want to convert, so it is worth trying.
It is also very simple to use this software. Find and click the (Add Files) button, select the JPG format in the (Output Type) (export format), and finally click the (Start) button in the lower right corner to start PDF files can be converted into JPG files.
iPubsoft PDF Converter software

6. Use Nitro PDF Pro to convert PDF files to JPG files

Nitro PDF Pro is a versatile PDF file editing software. Using this software, you can not only browse, edit, and create documents in PDF format, but also support the conversion of PDF files into common file formats such as PPT/Word/Excel/TEXT/Image/HTML. Editorial Purposes. Its editing functions include adding bookmarks, hyperlinks, watermarks, text boxes, pictures, annotations, fluorescent marks, stamps, and supports password protection, form filling, and embedding various types of electronic files (Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, pictures, etc.) )wait.
Using the software is also very easy to operate. Find the (Files) button in the top menu bar to import files into the software, and then go back to the option bar to find the option to export to JPG.
Nitro PDF Pro software

II. Summary

There are a total of six software that can convert PDF files to JPG files. Below we will help you compare their respective advantages and disadvantages horizontally, so as to give better guidance for use.
In the process of format conversion, it is a plus to have OCR function, because enabling this function can better improve the accuracy of text content in the conversion process, even if the conversion of PDF files to JPG files does not use this function , but if you need to convert the PDF file into an editable document later, then this function will be very useful. So from this point of view, Renee PDF Aide, Wondershare PDF Converter Pro software, and 4Videosoft PDF software all have this function, so they can be used first.
In addition, if a good PDF format conversion tool only includes a simple format conversion function and does not involve corresponding editing functions, it may not be able to meet many PDF editing needs in daily work and life. Therefore, in order to meet more daily use needs, this type of software also needs to have certain PDF editing functions. Among the above six softwares, those with basic editing functions include: Renee PDF Aide, Adobe Acrobat Pro software, and Nitro PDF Pro software. Except for Renee PDF Aide, the other two softwares have a lot of PDF editing functions, and the operation is relatively complicated, which is a high threshold for novice users; while the functions of Renee PDF Aide basically cover It is necessary for daily work, and it is very easy to operate, which is more suitable for novice users.
To sum up, if you often need to edit or convert PDF files, you may wish to choose a software that suits you best from the above six software.