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In these recent years, PDF is clear, safe and integrated. Usually, a file should be converted between PDF and the other formats. For example, many articles and e-books are saved as PDF, but some digital devices merely support the .txt format. In this essay, we will talk about how to convert PDF to text with PDF converters.

Part 1: About PDF

how to convert pdf to text with the converter
PDF, fully known as Portable Document Format, is the file format developed by Adobe. Compared with the traditional file formats (i.e. .txt, .doc and .xls), PDF is a better carrier to display contents.
Besides, PDF can hold different elements into a file, such as text, font, color, layout and images with different resolutions. What’s more, hyperlink, sounds, dynamic videos and the digital information can be put into the PDF file. It is easy to transfer and save PDF files because the file size is smaller than many other files, especially when you want to transfer a long passage. Many systems support PDF, too.
In the past, many PDF converters couldn’t recognize the scanned PDF files and the text on the images because the technology lagged behind the recognition effects. The garbled characters, the vague images and the blank pages always occurred in the conversion results. Since the appearance of OCR, these situations greatly decrease. All in all, a professional PDF converter is key to converting PDF to text well.

Part 2: About OCR

how to convert pdf to text with the ocr converter
OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the optical conversion of the printed or typed characters into the image document and then into the text layouts which can be further edited and improved.
This recognition technology is widely used in different scenarios. For example, you make a screenshot of the webpage which can be merely viewed, not allowed to copy and download, and then convert the image to text with OCR.
That being said, OCR makes our work easy. With the OCR-based PDF converter, you can quickly convert PDF to text.

Part 3: Convert PDF to Text

1. Convert PDF to Text with Renee PDF Aide

Renee PDF Aide - Powerful PDF Editing Tool

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Renee PDF Aide is the software that supports to edit PDF and convert PDF. With utilization of the advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, it can convert PDF to Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Image/HTML/TXT and the other common formats. You can designate the specific pages to be converted at the speed of 80 pages/min. Besides, it can repair the damaged PDF files, compress PDF files to shorten the loading time, merge several files into one and rotate the file position. En/decryption and watermark are allowed to add for PDF files, too.
Here are the steps to convert PDF to text with the PDF converter, Renee PDF Aide.
Step 1: Download and install Renee PDF Aide. Open the software and select [Convert PDF].
select to convert pdf with renee pdf converter
TipsThere are many functions in the module PDF Tools. For example, it can repair the damaged PDF files, split pages, merge multiple pages into one, adjust the layout direction, encrypt/decrypt PDF files and add watermark.
Step 2: Select the target formats at the top menu. In this case, select [Text]. Then, check the option [Enable OCR] and select the OCR language to improve character recognition. After that, click on [Add Files] to select the target PDF file.
how to convert pdf to text with renee pdf aide
Step 3: Finally, click on [Convert] to convert PDF to text.
convert and make an pdf to editable text with renee pdf aide ocr
These are the steps to convert PDF to text with the professional PDF converter. Besides, you can convert the format with the online tool.

2. Convert PDF to Text with Online Tool

It is easy to convert PDF to text with the online tool Convertio. Here are the steps:
Step 1: Get access to Convertio (link: and click on [Choose Files].
Step 2: Upload the PDF file.
Step 3: Finally, Click on [Convert] to convert PDF to text and download the converted file.

Part 4: Conclusions

In this essay, we’ve talked about how to convert PDF to text with the professional PDF converter, Renee PDF Aide. This multifunctional PDF converter is easy to use and friendly to all beginners. Importantly, we can convert the confidential files, without uploading the files to the online servers. The files can be converted in batch, too.
As for the online tool, we should operate under the stable network environment. If the files are important, we still recommend the PDF convert applications.