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Many Apple users find it complicated to manage files in their devices. Of course, the classification order designed by Apple is not user-friendly enough. In this essay, we will talk about how to delete or add music and videos to iPhone/iPad so as to help you manage your files better.

Part 1: About File Access Management
File access management means organizing, adding and clearing files. It is a way to sustain the normal status of a digital device.
A device with the appropriate storage space can run fast and effectively. On the contrary, if the storage space is not enough and the files are never organized, the device will not work well. Therefore, it is necessary to organize the files stored in the digital devices regularly.
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Part 2: How to Delete or Add Music and Videos to iPhone/iPad?

1. iTunes

iTunes is a media player developed by Apple Inc. Besides, it is an organizer of music and videos for Apple device.
How to add music to iphone via iTunes?
① Download and install iTunes.
how to add music to iphone
② Click the phone icon.
how to transfer music and connect iphone to itunes by clicking the icon
③ Highlight [Summary]; scroll down to stop at [Options]; check [Manually manage music and videos]. Finally, click [Sync].
manually manage multimedia files when cannot add media files to itunes
④ Return to the original page; click [File] in the menu and select [Add File to Library]. Then, add the target song into iTunes library.
how to add music files to from itunes library to iphone
⑤ After that, click [Songs]. Right-click at the target song and select [Add to device] > [iPhone].
how to select and add music to iphone
⑥ Go to [Music] under [Devices]. You can see all songs stored in the device. Of course, you can see the videos in [Movies].
how to check if music has been added to iphone
⑦ If you want to delete music and videos, you can right-click at the target music/videos and select to delete them. It is noted that you should set to manually manage music and songs beforehand.
how to delete songs from iphone via itunes

2. Wondershare TunesGo

Wondershare TunesGo is a paid application. It provides users to input/output each category 10 times for free. Users can have a try under different operating systems. The clear interface and the smart classification are very convenient for users to manage their files. This software is safe and stable, ensuring that users can have well experience in using it.
How to add music and videos to iPhone via Wondershare TunesGo?
① Download and install Wondershare TunesGo. Then, launch the software and connect target iOS device to computer.
download and install wondershare tunesgo
② Click [Video] > [Add] > select [Add File] or [Add Folder] > open the target video.
how to select and open videos in windowshare tunesgo
③ When the loading is over, the video has been transferred to the device. The way to add songs into iPhone is similar.
how to add videos to wondershare tunesgo and add to iphone
④ If you want to delete the video/song, right-click at it and select [Delete].
delete the video from iphone via wondershare tunesgo
Part 3: Is it Possible to Realize Automatic File Access Management?
Now, it is a little difficult for us to realize automatic file access management. Even though smart phones have been widespread with emergence of various brands, the suppliers still work to improve the aspects that can attract customers as quickly as possible, such as camera, game performance and appearance.
As for file access management, the built-in file explorer only facilitates us to find out the files but it is not an ideal tool to manage files. This process still needs to finish by ourselves. Therefore, we should use the suitable software to check files regularly in order to save more space and sustain the well running status of our devices.