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Bilibili, a video platform welcomed by Chinese youngsters, reaches to over 100 million visits. Yet, many users complain that videos do not play on Bilibili. In this essay, we will tell you why and how to unlock Bilibili.

Part 1: What is Bilibili

Bilibili is a video sharing website themed around ACG (animation, comic and game) based in China, welcomed by many youngsters. 75% of the users are below the age of 24. These youngsters have strong interest in watching animated shows, anime, comic series and creating ACG works.

Besides video contents, “danmaku”, literally barrage, is the core feature. It is a real-time commentary subtitle system that displays user comments over the video screen. These subtitles create a chat room where users can communicate with each other, especially for the youngsters who like making comments and expressing themselves. The subtitle system also builds a fantastic, simultaneous, virtual viewing experience for groups. Now, Bilibili has been one of the birthplaces of buzzwords.

Currently, Bilibili offers abundant videos divided into 10 fields, including anime, animated shows, music, dancing, game, science, technology, entertainment, montage parody, movies and TV drama. If you want to immerse into ACG, Bilibili is a good place.

unlock bilibili video overseas
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Part 2: Why Videos Cannot Play and How to Troubleshoot

You may feel upset if the Bilibili video fail to open or it is unable to play. Here are some reasons for such situation.

Like the below image, the playback screen shows: “Link expired”, “Sensitive content”, “Deleted by the uploader” or “Infringe royalties”. That means the video has been blocked by the website. In these situations, you cannot watch the video.

unlock bilibili videos cannot play in some situations
If you do not meet with these situations, you can follow these steps to check:

1. Network connection

The network connection affects the video loading on Bilibili.

Solution: Check whether the network access is on. Then try to open the other website. If you are downloading files, stop them for a while.

2. Flash plug-in

The fact that the playback screen shows “Shockwave Flash has crashed” means that the Flash plug-in is incompatible with the video, or the plug-in version is too outdated.


① Stop the Flash plug-in. Find out and disable the Adobe Flash Player (2 files) plug-in in the browser. Then, select the HTML5 player in the playback screen.

Note: The Flash plug-in is always disabled in some browsers. You can try to switch to the HTML5 player at first.

use html5 player to unblock bilibili
② Update the Flash plug-in. Try to update Flash player to the latest version. Then, refresh the page and check whether the video can play.

3. Image quality fix plug-in

The image quality fix plug-in may be incompatible with the Bilibili videos, which leads them not to play.

Solution: Try to close the image quality fix plug-in.

4. Regional limitation

Bilibili is not available beyond China, which is called as regional limitation. Next, we will talk about how to unlock Bilibili overseas.

Part 3: How to Unlock Bilibili Overseas

Due to the royalty limitation, people cannot get access to the Bilibili videos beyond China. Here are two solutions to PC and mobile phone.

1. Bilibili on PC – add the extension Malus VPN – Unblock

① Open Chrome and go to Web Store.
② Search [Unblock].
search unblock in chrome web store
③ Find out [Malus VPN – Free China unb] in the search results and then click [Add to Chrome].
add malus vpn to chrome
③ After that, press F5 to refresh the web page and visit Bilibili again.
go to bilibili com

2. Bilibili on mobile phone – VPN apps (iphone, Android)

① Search the available VPN apps in the app store, such as LinCN.
② Download and install the app. Then, VPN will be connected automatically once the app is on.
search linkcn in app store
③ Click [Start to accelerate]. Then, open Bilibili to enjoy videos!
install linkcn in app store