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Windows users may encounter the errors, like “The user profile service failed the logon” or “The user profile cannot be loaded”. In this essay, we will tell you what you should do when the error happens and how to fix the issue on the user profile in the Registry Editor.

Part 1: How if the User Profile Service Failed the Logon”?
1. Enter [Safe Mode]. On the login screen, hold the Shift key while clicking the power button, and then select [Restart]. Windows will go into the recovery environment.
press shift key and the power button to enter the safe mode
2. Select [Troubleshoot] > [Advanced options].
select advanced options in safe mode
3. Select [Startup Settings] > [Restart].
clcik to restart PC in startup settings
4. In the list of [Startup Settings], press [4] to select [Enable Safe Mode].
press 4 to enable safe mode
5. Next, the remarks [Safe mode] at the corner are features of Safe mode.
fix the error that thw windows user proile failed the logon in safe mode
6. Press the keys [Win + R]. Then, type and run the program [services.msc]. After that, double-click [User Profile Service].
Windows user profile services failed the logon
7. In [Startup type], select [Automatic]. Then click [Apply] and restart the PC. The error will be shot.
select windows to start up automatically
Part 2: How if the User Profile cannot be Loaded?
1. Press the keys [Wins + R]. Type [regedit] to run the program Registry Editor.
open registry editor by running regedit
2. Find [HKEY_CURRENT_USER] and right-click at [Permissions].
open user permissions in windows
3. Find out the current account and check [Full control].
enable full control in settings
4. If you cannot see the account, you can click [Add] to newly build an account. Then, in the pop-up window, type [ev] and click [Check Names].
add a new account name in windows
5. The account name will be automatically filled. Please click [OK] to confirm the new account.
fill the account name automatically
6. Highlight the new account and check [Full Control]. Click [OK] to exit the program. Finally, restart the computer.
enable full control of new account
Part 3: How to Modify the User Profile in the Registry Editor?
1. Under Safe Mode, press the keys [Win + R]. Then, type and run the command [regedit].
open registry editor by running regedit
2. In the program Registry Editor, navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList. In the left pane, find the one that starts with [S-1-5] and follows a series of numbers. Then, in the right pane, double-click [ProfileImagePath] to check if it is the corrupted profile.
check if there is fault on the user profile
3. Open each folder that starts with [S-1-5]. Then, double-click at [RefCount]. In the section [Value data], change the value to [0] and click [OK] to confirm.
select refcount
4. Repeat the above step. Open each folder that starts with [S-1-5]. Then, double-click at [State] and change the [Value data] to be [0]. Finally, click [OK] to confirm and restart the computer.
change value data of state