Notes for Data Recovery – Read Beforehand

Even a small operation mistake can lead to the failure of data recovery. In order to have a better recovery result, we have conclude some notes which should be paid attention to before recovering the lost data.

These issues which should be note for data recovery can be categorized into the following 3 points,

1.Protect your data well after deletion? Did secondary damage happen?

tick  Shut down the computer and do not use it or the memory device after unexpected deletion, which can prevent the devices from data overwritten. Besides, the hard disk will be put in lots of temporary data which will cover the lost data when you surf the Internet.
Don't not use devices anymore

tick  Do not input any new data to the disk from which you have delete your data.

Please recover the deleted data with Renee Undeleter at once. In this situation, the recovered result would be much better. Because the space which the source files occupied will be released once you have deleted them. So any new input data can overwrite the source files , which will lead to the damage of the source files.

Don't input new data

tick Do not check the Disk (DiskChk)

When any mistake happens in file system, it will ask you to have it recover or not. Besides, it will have DiskChk automatically when you start your computer. Once the recommended recovery or the DiskChk happens, Chk document will be created and it may overwritten the lost datas.

Don't check Disk

tick Do not format your memory device once again.

Take out the memory device after the deletion including HDD, memory device, USB memory stick and etc. Even the device is required to be formatted again when connected to the computer, please do not follow the computer’s recommendation. At this moment, please use Renee Undeleter immediately. In this situation, our software can help you recover most of the files.

Don't format again

tick  Do not install Renee Undeleter in the hard disk from which you want to recover the files.

Because this behavior means that you put new data into the disk. For example, if you want to recover the data from Disk C, please install the program in Disk D/E/F. If you want to recover the files from whole disk, please install the program in an external hard disk.

pay attention to installation
tick  It is dangerous to have any kind of data input because it can damage the data which you want to recover.

2. Does the memory device work? Can it be read normally by PC?

tick Only the memory device can be read normally, can Renee Undelter be used to recover the data. So, please keep the memory device in a dry, flat and safe place instead of moisture one and prevent it from shaking. So as to protect memory device in a good condition.

3. The recover ability of Renee Undeleter

list  Renee Undeleter is a prominent restoring software which offers Trial Version. With trial version, you can recover 20MB data for free. For more quotas, please purchase the full version.
Please note the followings:

1.Renee Undeleter helps you recover your data instead of fix it.

2.If the data has been damaged, Renee Undeleter can not be used to fix the data.

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