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Kindle is the digital reader designed and sold by Amazon. We can buy, download and read e-books, newspaper, magazines and the other media content on Kindle. How to read PDF on Kindle well? Tell you in this essay.

how to read pdf files on kindle

Part 1: How to Import E-books to Kindle?

1. Common Methods

Generally, we can buy the e-books in Amazon Kindle store and then go to [Manage Your Content and Devices] to send the books to Kindle. Or, we can send the files to our Kindle email address, and these files will be automatically displayed in Kindle. Of course, the mail sender address should be authorized before sending the mail. Go to your Amazon account to add the authorized email addresses.
If you want to send the e-books to Kindle through phone and tablet computer, you can download the app Kindle and then send to the app. Later, you can tap [Sync] to sync the app with Kindle when you want to read these PDF files and books on Kindle. It is noted that this method should be suitable for the .mobi e-books.
how to read pdf on kindle well
Sometimes, the PDF files do not fit well with the Kindle screen, or the file is too large to send by phone. When you cannot successfully send the e-books to Kindle, you can send them via USB connection.

2. Send via USB Connection

Connect Kindle to the computer with the USB cable. Then, navigate to the Kindle icon. Copy and paste the PDF files one by one into the [Documents] folder. After that, disconnect Kindle with the computer and read the PDF files on Kindle.
These are the ways to import the PDF files into Kindle. In addition, you can adjust the font size and the other display effects before reading the PDF files on Kindle.

Part 2: How to Improve PDF Display Effect on Kindle

If the font size of the PDF file is too small to read, you try to cut off the page margin. Take Adobe Acrobat Pro DC as an example.
Step 1: Open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Then, select [File] – [Open], and then switch to the tab [Tools] and select [Print Production].
Step 2: At the right pane, select [Set Page Boxes]. Next, deselect the option [Remove White Margins] and click on [OK]. If the font size is still small, you can change the page from portrait mode to landscape mode. Finally, you can read the improved PDF files on Kindle.
In our daily life, we usually edit PDF files and convert PDF to the other formats. Next, we will introduce an application to fulfill your needs.

Part 3: Edit & Convert PDF with Renee PDF Aide

1. About Renee PDF Aide

Renee PDF Aide is the software that supports to edit PDF and convert PDF. With utilization of the advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, it can convert PDF to Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Image/HTML/TXT and the other common formats. You can designate the specific pages to be converted at the speed of 80 pages/min. Besides, it can repair the damaged PDF files, compress PDF files to shorten the loading time, merge several files into one and rotate the file position. En/decryption and watermark are allowed to add for PDF files, too.
The software is available in Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000 (32-bit and 64-bit).
Renee PDF Aide - Powerful PDF Editing Tool

Easy to use Friendly to computer beginners

Multifunctional Encrypt/decrypt/split/merge/add watermark

Safe Protect PDF with AES256 algorithms

Quick Edit/convert dozens of PDF files in batch

Compatible Convert PDF to Excel/PowerPoint/Text, etc.

Easy Use with simple steps

Functional Encrypt/decrypt/split/merge/watermark

Safe Protect PDF with AES256 algorithms

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2. How to Use Renee PDF Aide?

Renee PDF Aide offers two functions, [PDF Tools] and [Convert PDF]. Next, we will show you how to use these functions.

Edit PDF with Renee PDF Aide:

Step 1: Download and install Renee PDF Aide. Open the software and get into [PDF Tools].
select pdf tools in renee pdf converter
Step 2: Select different tools at the top menu and edit the PDF files in batch.
use the pdf functions to edit with renee pdf aide
Instruction of each tool:

  • Repair: Fix the broken PDF file or the file that cannot be opened
  • Optimize: Compress large PDF file
  • Split: Split a PDF file into small files
  • Merge: Merge several PDF files into one, or merge the selected pages
  • Rotate: Adjust a PDF file at different angles
  • En/Decrypt: Lock and unlock PDF files
  • Watermark: Add overlay watermark or background to PDF files
  • Image→PDF: Convert one or more images into PDF file(s)
Step 3: Click on [Convert] after editing the PDF file.
combine images into a pdf with renee pdf aide

Convert PDF to the other formats with Renee PDF Aide:

Step 1: Download and install Renee PDF Aide. Open the software and select [Convert PDF].
select to convert pdf with renee pdf converter
Step 2: Select to convert PDF to Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Image/ HTML/Text. Check the option [Enable OCR] to improve the character recognition.
how to edit a scanned pdf set before converting with renee pdf converter
About the OCR function:

The OCR function can improve text recognition in two ways:
A. Recognize words on image and PDF. You can use this function to improve text recognition when you are going to convert the image-based PDF and the scanned PDF.
B. Recognize the font style to avoid garbled codes when there are different embedded font styles on the PDF file.

Step 3: Finally, select the pages to convert and click on [Convert] to convert the format and output the file.
how to convert pdf with renee pdf converter