Outlook pst File Recovery Software

As the popularity of Microsoft Outlook grows, PST files data loss and accidentally deleted emails sometimes happen in our daily life. If some day you find your emails are deleted not on purpose, can’t open the Personal Folders file (.pst) of Outlook or you think your pst. data file is corrupted, you can use professional data recovery software – Renee Undeleter to recover the deleted emails and pst file. The earlier you use the data recovery software, the greater chance you can get the email and .pst file back.
Outlook pst File Recovery Software

Significant features of Renee Undelter

  • Work as a Powerful Outlook File Recovery Tool
    Recover .nk2, .pst, .wab, .dbx files.
  • Easy to Use
    Design with a user-friendly and self-descriptive interface.
  • Specify File Types Selectable
    Choose the files types you want to recover, which can save your time.
  • Offer Free Version
    Available with free trial version to easily evaluate its performance.
  • Preview Features
    It allows you to see the preview of the recovered Outlook emails before saving.

Processes of Outlook pst file recovery:


Please do not install the Outlook pst files recovery software in the hard disk from which you want to recover the files.

Before recovery, please do not use outlook and the disk which you save pst file.

Step 1: Select “Fast Partition Scan” which includes Fast Scan and Deep Scan mode.
Fast scan will only scan the 30 GB of the disk. If the fast scan can not find the target file, please try the Deep scan.
Three Scan modes
Step 2: Select the drive which you kept your deleted data before.
select a drive to scan
Step 3: Select the “E-mail files” in “Customized Setting”. This will save your time.
retrieve deleted emails
Step 4: Select the files which is match the saved time you want to recover. And select the destination which you want to restore the data to.

Please note that: You are not recommended to select the disk which you recovered your data from to be the destination because this will overwrite the source data.

preview deleted emails before recovery

If you still can not find out the files you want to recovery through the said process, please do not be upset.

Please try the following steps;
1) Try to find the folder named ” Extra Find Files”

2) Try  the “Whole partition scan” and “Whole disk scan” function which will take a deeper scan and get more results.

3) Once you find the emails or pst file is deleted or corrupted, please do not use the disk where you save the pst or Outlook-related files anymore.

Free Version of Renee Undeleter is ready for you now! 20MB Free Quota is included! Why not have a try? Download Now!

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