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Learn how to repair damaged PDF files to ensure that you can open and view the content. Follow our step-by-step instructions for a quick fix.

repair damaged pdf file

I. Causes of PDF file corruption

①When downloading a PDF file, the entire file is not downloaded completely or the PDF file is a restricted download file.
②When downloading a PDF file, the network environment is unstable and the download fails or an error occurs during the download.
③When the file is opened in the PDF reader, the file is damaged due to a program error or other reasons.

II. Methods to Repair Damaged PDF Files

If the PDF file is found to be damaged when opening the PDF file, we can use some professional software or online websites to repair the damaged file. Here are three ways to repair damaged PDF files.

(1) Use Renee PDF Aide to repair damaged files

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Renee PDF Aide is a professional PDF converter that can convert PDF files to various formats such as Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, TXT, and HTML. It also has the ability to convert pictures to PDF files. The software utilizes advanced OCR technology to enhance character recognition during the conversion process. Additionally, it offers features such as repairing, optimizing, splitting, merging, encrypting, decrypting, and adding watermarks to PDF documents.
Here’s how to use Renee PDF Aide to repair PDF:
Step 1: Download and install Renee PDF Aide .
Step 2: After the installation is complete, run the software and select (PDF Tools) in the interface.
open renee pdf aide
Step 3: On the (PDF Tools) interface, choose the (Repair) tool, and then click the (Add Files) button to import a PDF file that needs to be repaired.
use the pdf functions to edit with renee pdf aide
Step 4: After the file is loaded, choose the repair mode. There are two modes available:
1. Quick repair: Improves repair efficiency, suitable for users who need fast repair.
2. Accurate repair: Takes longer but provides more precise repair, suitable for users with high repair requirements.
repair mode in renee pdf aide
Step 5: In output settings, select the folder to save the PDF file. Next, click the (Convert) button to successfully export the repaired PDF file.
output settings renee pdf aide
TipsAfter repairing files with Renee PDF Aide, you can use this software for various tasks such as converting PDF files, adding watermarks, encrypting files, merging files, and optimizing files. It offers complete PDF editing functions.

(2) Use Recovery Toolbox for PDF to repair damaged files

Recovery Toolbox for PDF is also a professional PDF file repair software, with which some damaged files can also be repaired. Let’s take a look at the specific operation steps of this software to repair PDF files:
Step 1: Download the software from the official website of the software. After the download and installation are complete, run the software. (Website link:
download interface
Step 2: Add the damaged PDF file into the software. After loading the file, click (Next).
Recovery Toolbox for PDF
Step 3: Name the repaired PDF file and click (Next).
Recovery Toolbox for PDF
Step 4: Select the output PDF file version. You can also check the box (Enable compression). After that, click the (Save file) button to start repairing.
Recovery Toolbox for PDF
tipsThe software offers a complimentary trial version which solely has the capability to fix one page of material. In order to repair the complete PDF file, acquiring the paid version is necessary.

(3) Use the online site iLovePDF to repair corrupted files

In addition to using professional software for repair operations, we can also use online websites to repair damaged PDF files. Let me introduce a website that can repair damaged PDF files—iLovePDF.
Step 1: Enter the following URL in the browser.
Step 2: Click the (Select PDF file) button to upload the PDF file.
Step 3: Click the (Repair PDF) button. After the repair is complete, download the repaired PDF file to the local.

III. Summary

Renee PDF Aide and Recovery Toolbox for PDF offer offline operation, ensuring stable repair process with less time required. Users can keep confidential documents safe without uploading files to online servers. In addition to repairing PDF files, Renee PDF Aide provides basic PDF editing functions like format conversion, encryption, decryption, and adding watermarks. Its simple interface and easy operation make it ideal for beginners. For future PDF editing needs, Renee PDF Aide is recommended. However, if the damaged PDF file is not confidential, online repair is also a viable option.