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PDF is the common file format used for digital documents. Usually, we view PDF files with browser and PDF reader. If you want to read PDF with the other applications, you can convert PDF to the other formats. For example, you can convert PDF to JPEG. Let’s learn about how to do in this article.

Part 1: What is JPEG?
JPEG is the common image format whose file extensions are “.jpeg” and “.jpg”. The format in this format can be compressed to the small file size, and the unnecessary part will be removed. That keeps the small file size and the well quality. Besides, JPEG is very flexible. You can adjust the image quality and compress an image to different sizes, with reduction up to from 10% to 40%. Since this format can compress much information and keep the well quality, it can be widely used in the Internet and easily transferred.
how to convert PDF to jpeg
Part 2: Reasons of Converting PDF to JPEG?
● Easy to view: The PDF files should be viewed in the PDF reader and browser. But JPEG can be opened in many devices and applications.
● Safe: PDF can be modified with the specific tool. But when PDF is converted to JPEG, the file contents cannot be modified invisibly. That ensures the file security.
● Small size: Since JPEG is the compressed file format, the file size is small but it displays perfect visual effect. If you want to view the PDF file on the tiny device, you can convert PDF to JPEG.
Part 3: How to Convert PDF to JPEG?
It is not complicated to convert PDF to JPEG. You can use the professional PDF editing software and the online converter to convert formats. Next, we will show you how to convert PDF to JPEG.

1. Use Renee PDF Aide

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What is Renee PDF Aide?
Renee PDF Aide is the professional PDF converter. It can convert PDF to Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, TXT, HTML and even image. With the advanced OCR technology, it can greatly recognize the character. What’s more, it can repair/optimize/split/merge/encrypt/decrypt/add watermark. Here are the steps.
a. Download and install Renee PDF Aide.
b. Then, click on [Convert PDF].
select to convert pdf with renee pdf converter
c. Click on [Add Files] to select the PDF file.
add pdf files to renee pdf aide
d. Select [Image] as the output format and then select [JPG]. Continue to adjust the image resolution. Of course, select [Original].
how to convert PDF to jpeg with renee pdf aide
e. Finally, in [Custom Settings], select the storage folder and click on [Convert] to convert PDF to JPEG.
how to convert pdf to jpeg
You can use Renee PDF Aide to edit PDF files. For example, you can repair/optimize/split/merge/encrypt/decrypt/add watermark by getting into [PDF Tools].

2. Use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

It is easy to use Adobe Acrobat Pro DC to convert PDF to JPEG. You can select the PDF file in the software and then convert PDF to JPEG. Here are the steps.
a. First, open Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. Then, select the PDF file.
b. Click on [File] – [Export] – [Image] – [JPEG].
c. Select a folder to save the image.
It is easy to convert PDF to JPEG with the software But, the software is expensive. The basic version is USD$239 per year and the advanced version is USD$359 per year.

3. Convert on

Besides, you can quickly convert PDF to the other formats on the online converter. Next, we will show you how to convert PDF on
a. Get access to the website (link:
b. Click on [Add file] to select the PDF file.
c. Select the quality and then click on [Convert].
d. Finally, download the JPEG image after conversion.
Although it is very convenient to convert PDF through the online converter, there are many online ads. Besides, the online converter relies on the network and the file size. It may take a long time to upload the file and convert the format. It is also not safe enough to upload the files to the online server.
Part 4: Conclusions
From the above contents, we’ve talked about how to convert PDF to JPEG. Renee PDF Aide and Adobe Acrobat Pro DC can be used. Renee PDF Aide converts PDF to JPG while Adobe exports PDF and save it as PDF. Besides, Renee PDF Aide specializes in post processing, such as converting formats and optimizing PDF files. Adobe is usually used to edit and modify the contents in the PDF file, such as creating PDF and adding notes.
The price of Adobe is expensive while Renee PDF Aide costs less. The online converter is free but it relies on the network environment and the file size is limited.
All in all, Renee PDF Aide and Adobe are safer than the online converter. You can protect your files well and stably convert PDF to JPEG.