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The Chrome browser is equipped with the PDF reader. You can view the PDF files in Chrome easily. But this function is very simple. For example, the PDF reader cannot mark the last position of the file and you cannot edit and convert the PDF file. If you have more requirements on editing PDF, this article can help you on how to disable the function in Chrome PDF Viewer and how to edit and convert PDF.

Part 1: What is Chrome PDF Viewer?
edit pdf in chrome
Chrome PDF Viewer is the webpage reader based on HTML 5. This extension uses Mozilla’s pdf.js library to display PDF files in the Chrome browser. It is targeted at the generally used PDF reader and the WEB-based PDF analyzer. Through this reader, you can view PDF files in Chrome, check the contents of the PDF files and search within the files. Besides, it supports to zoom in/out PDF files, sidebar loading status, load cursor and enable debugging too.
Although the extension functions of Chrome PDF Viewer are well, it cannot support us to edit PDF files and convert PDF to the other formats in Chrome. If you need a PDF editor, please go to the third part. Since Chrome PDF Viewer is the PDF reader based on HTML 5, it is different from the professional ones. If you want to disable this extension in Chrome, let’s read the following steps.
Part 2: How to Disable Chrome PDF Viewer?
If you want to disable Chrome PDF Viewer, follow these steps!
a. Open Chrome and expand the menu to select [Settings].
b. Scroll down the webpage and click on [Advanced].
c. Under [Privacy and security], get into [Site settings].
d. Expand [Additional content settings] and select [PDF documents].

e. Finally, toggle off the button next to [Download PDF files instead of automatically opening them in Chrome]. Next, when you want to enable this function, you can get into this option and toggle on the button again.
edit pdf in chrome
The above steps are about how to disable Chrome PDF Viewer. How can you edit PDF files in the other applications when you disable the Chrome function? We recommend Renee PDF Aide, the professional PDF editing software. You can use this software to edit PDF files but also convert PDF to the other formats. Let’s learn more about it as follows.
Part 3: How to Convert and Edit PDF with Renee PDF Aide?

1. What is Renee PDF Aide?

Renee PDF Aide is the software that supports to edit PDF and convert PDF. With utilization of the advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, it can convert PDF to Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Image/HTML/TXT and the other common formats. You can designate the specific pages to be converted at the speed of 80 pages/min. Besides, it can repair the damaged PDF files, compress PDF files to shorten the loading time, merge several files into one and rotate the file position. En/decryption and watermark are allowed to add for PDF files, too.
What’s more, Renee PDF Aide supports English/French/German/Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese/Korean/Japanese. Under the mode of OCR, it can greatly improve the accuracy of character recognition. Even though you are a new user, you can use this software easily.
Renee PDF Aide - Powerful PDF Editing Tool

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Multifunctional Encrypt/decrypt/split/merge/add watermark

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Functional Encrypt/decrypt/split/merge/watermark

Safe Protect PDF with AES256 algorithms

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2. How to Use Renee PDF Aide?

Renee PDF Aide includes two functions [PDF Tools] and [Convert PDF]. Next, we will show you how to convert PDF to text with the software.
How to convert PDF to text with Renee PDF Aide?
It is very easy to use Renee PDF Aide to convert PDF to Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Image/HTML/TXT.
Step 1: Download and install Renee PDF Aide. Select [Convert PDF].
select to convert pdf with renee pdf converter
Step 2: Select one of the formats and then, click on [Add Files] to select the target file. Check the option [Enable OCR] to improve text recognition.
set before converting with renee pdf converter
TipsAbout the OCR function:

The OCR function can improve text recognition in two ways:

A. Recognize words on image and PDF. You can use this function to improve text recognition when you are going to convert the image-based PDF and the scanned PDF.

B. Recognize the font style to avoid garbled codes when there are different embedded font styles on the PDF file.

Step 3: Click on [Convert] to convert the format.
convert with renee pdf converter
Now, let’s learn about how to edit PDF files when you download the file in Chrome.
How to edit PDF files with Renee PDF Aide?
Renee PDF Aide offers many editing functions.
Step 1: Download and install Renee PDF Aide. Select [PDF Tools].
select pdf tools in renee pdf converter
Step 2: Select one of the functions at the top menu.
how to repair pdf with renee pdf converter
Instruction of each tool:
Repair: Fix the broken PDF file or the file that cannot be opened
Optimize: Compress large PDF file
Split: Split a PDF file into small files
Merge: Merge several PDF files into one, or merge the selected pages
Rotate: Adjust a PDF file at different angles
En/Decrypt: Lock and unlock PDF files
Watermark: Add overlay watermark or background to PDF files
Image→PDF: Merge one or more images into PDF files
Step 3: Click on [Convert] to output the edited PDF file.
use renee pdf converter to repair
This is the introduction of Renee PDF Aide. This software is easy to use. You can quickly edit PDF files and convert PDF to the other formats.