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Discover how to extract HTML code from images effortlessly with top-notch software solutions. Say goodbye to frustrating searches - we've got you covered!

I. What is HTML?

HTML (or HTM), also known as hypertext markup language, is an application under the standard general markup language. “Hypertext” means that the page can contain non-text elements such as pictures, links, and even music and programs. The reason why HTML is called hypertext markup language is because the text contains so-called “hyperlink” points, which are a kind of URL pointer. By activating (clicking) it, the browser can easily obtain new web pages. This is one of the most important reasons why HTML is widely used.
It can be seen that the essence of web pages is HTML, and powerful web pages can be created by using other web technologies (such as: scripting language, CGI, components, etc.) in combination. Therefore, HTML is the basis of Web programming, which means that the World Wide Web is built on the basis of hypertext.
After understanding what HTML is, let’s solve the problem of how to identify and extract the HTML code in the picture.
extract html codes from image

II. How to identify and extract the HTML code in the picture?

If you want to identify and extract the HTML code in the picture, you can use professional software with OCR function to achieve it. The following editor will recommend several tools with OCR function, which can help you quickly identify and extract the HTML in the picture Code, let’s go and understand it together.

1. Use Renee PDF Aide to identify and extract the HTML code in the picture

What is Renee PDF Aide ?
Renee PDF Aide is a multifunctional tool software that integrates PDF file editing and format conversion. The software integrates advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which can convert scanned PDF files into common format files such as Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Image/HTML/TXT, and you can choose to convert the entire PDF document or PDF document The specified page can be quickly converted into other formats, and the conversion speed can be as high as 80 pages per minute. The software is easy to operate and has various functions. It can not only optimize and edit specific pages of PDF format files, such as repairing damaged files, optimizing the loading time of large files, splitting multi-page files, and combining multiple specified pages into one PDF file. , adjust the display angle of the file, etc., you can also encrypt/decrypt PDF files, add multi-form watermarks to exclusive files, etc.
In addition, Renee PDF Aide also supports the conversion of English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese/Korean/Japanese and other multi-language texts. In OCR mode, selecting the corresponding recognition language can greatly improve the accuracy of character recognition , The conversion efficiency is extremely high, even computer beginners can easily handle it.
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How to use Renee PDF Aide to identify and extract the HTML code in the picture
Renee PDF Aide has two functions, one is to meet the basic editing needs of PDF files; the other is to convert PDF files into other common formats, let’s see how to enable Renee PDF Aide The OCR function achieves the purpose of identifying HTML codes.
The operation process is very simple, the specific steps are as follows:
Step 1: Download and run Renee PDF Aide, select the “Convert PDF” option and enter.
open renee pdf aide
Step 2: After entering the operation page, select the “OCR” option button on the far right of the top menu bar. Next, import the image file (JPG/PNG/BMP format) that needs to recognize and extract the HTML code into Renee PDF Aide through the “Add File” button.
how to convert png to text with renee pdf aide
Step 3: After the setting is complete, click the “Convert” button on the right to start to recognize the HTML code in the image file and save it as a text file in TXT format, which is very convenient and quick. Afterwards, you can directly change the suffix of the “.txt” file to “.html” to obtain an HTML file; you can also copy the code in the TXT file to use in other files or websites.
how to convert ocr png to text with renee pdf aide

2. Use Google Docs to identify and extract the HTML code in the image

Google Docs is a free online format conversion or editing tool with OCR function, which can realize text recognition of image content or PDF files. Let’s learn how to use Google Docs to identify and extract the HTML code in the picture.
The specific operation steps are as follows:
Step 1: Log in to your Google Drive with your Google account, then find the “My Drive” – “Upload files” button, and upload the images that need to identify and extract HTML codes to Google Drive.
Google Drive interface
Step 2: Right click on the uploaded image file and select “Open With” – “Google Docs”. At this time, a worksheet icon will appear during the file loading process, that is, Google is using OCR technology to identify the content of your image and open it.
Open the file via Google Docs
Step 3: Next, go back to the top function menu bar and find “File” – “Download” to choose to save the image file as HTML format or other formats you need, and then you can extract the extracted HTML The code is saved to the local computer.
Store as HTML code

3. Use the FreeFileConvert online format conversion tool to identify and extract the HTML code in the picture

FreeFileConvert is a free multi-functional online format conversion tool with format conversion tools for various media forms, such as audio converter, video converter, image converter, document converter, e-book converter, font converter, metering Unit converters and more. In addition, regular editing functions such as compression, segmentation, encryption, and decryption are also provided for files in PDF format. Different from general online format conversion tools, FreeFileConvert has OCR function, which can improve the content accuracy rate during format conversion. Let’s take a look at how to use this online tool to identify and extract the HTML code in the picture.
The specific operation steps are as follows:
Open the online operation website of the FreeFileConvert tool in the browser:, then find the operation box for format conversion, click “Select” in the “Input file” (input file) operation bar Click the “File” button to import the picture that needs to extract the HTML code into the web server (Note: the tool can convert up to 5 files at the same time, and the maximum file size should not exceed 300MB). Then click “Convert files to” in the “Output format” (output format) operation bar and select the “html” format. After the setting is complete, click the “Convert” button to start executing the command to convert the picture file into an HTML format file, which is very convenient.
FreeFileConvert online format conversion tool

III. Summary

In the above, the editor introduced three tools that can identify and extract the HTML code in the picture. The following is a brief summary of the experience of using these three tools, hoping to help you choose an operation method that suits you. .
Considering the functional configuration:
The three methods introduced in this article all have OCR technology. It is because of this technology that these three methods are more effective in identifying and extracting HTML codes in pictures. Although both are format conversion tools, they have slightly different functional configurations. The advantage of Renee PDF Aide over the other two tools is that the operation process is more stable. You can complete the identification and extraction of image content offline, while Renee PDF Aide Don’t worry about failing halfway. In addition to being able to identify and extract HTML codes in pictures, Renee PDF Aide also supports PDF format conversion and basic editing, with comprehensive functions.
Considering security:
Using the FreeFileConvert online tool and Google Docs are both online operation tools, and the image files need to be uploaded to the corresponding network server, which has certain security risks. The difference between the two is that Google Docs is endorsed by the powerful Google company, and the file security is more reassuring, but the security of the two is not as good as that of Renee PDF Aide, because all operations of the software are performed locally Complete, support offline operation, no data will be intercepted or stolen.
Consider from the conversion result:
Renee PDF Aide adopts more advanced OCR technology, supports multi-language recognition, and the conversion results will be better; while both Google Docs and FreeFileConvert also have OCR technology, but the files opened by Google Docs will only keep the files The text of the file will not retain the original layout style of the file, which is one of its shortcomings. If you need to preserve the typesetting style of the source file, it is recommended to use the other two methods first. As for FreeFileConvert, it does not support many OCR languages, so if you need to recognize files in multiple languages, the recognition results of this method will be worse.
You can choose and use according to the above analysis and combined with your actual needs.