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SD card is a cost-effective, portable storage device. But it is also easily corrupted, causing data loss. How to fix a corrupted SD card and recover the data inside?

The digital era witnesses the growth of digital storage devices. SD card, a portable storage device, has highly cost performance and convenience, widely used in data storage and data transfer for phones, cameras and tablet computers.
how to fix the corrupted sd card
But it is also easily corrupted. For example, you are required to format the SD card or it shows as raw drive after connected to computer, risking at data loss. When the SD card is corrupted, how to recover the data inside?

SD Card Shows is Required to Format Before Using

the corrupted sd card needs to be fixed and formatted
There are two reasons for a SD card not formatted. One is that the SD card is improperly ejected when it is used to transfer data. Another is that the file system is not recognized by Windows.
The command CHKDSK in Windows can fix the corrupted SD card. But this command will directly delete or over write the data which are severely damaged. Then these files cannot be retrieved anymore. When you are going to run this command, please firstly recover important data from the SD card.

Recover Lost SD Card Data

Renee Undeleter can scan all partitions, preview the lost files, recover formatted or deleted files and retrieve data from the emptied Recycle Bin and the inaccessible partitions.
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① Download and install the software. Then launch the software and select [Whole Partition Scan].
select whole partition scan in renee undeleter
② Select the target SD card and click [Next].
select target disk to process scan
③ Wait for the scan. The SD card in larger storage takes longer time to be scanned.
scan disk with whole disk scan of Renee Undeleter
④ As the scan is finished, check the target files and click [Recover] to retrieve the lost files.
scan for and preview files
TipsNote: Don’t save the files on the SD card again in case of second data loss.

Fix SD Card via CHKDSK Command

The command CHKDSK can fix the corrupted SD card in Windows. Only two file systems, FAT and NTFS are supported. If your SD card are not one of these file systems, such as HFS or Ext (for Linux), you have no choice but to format it.
① Press the group keys [Win+S]. In the search box, type [cmd].
search cmd to open command prompt
② Right-click at [Command Prompt] to select [Run as administrator].
enable command prompt
③ Type [chkdsk n:/f]. Replace “n” with the target drive letter of the partition, and /f is the order telling the command to fix any errors.
type chkdsk to fix the corrupted sd card
④ Then, press the key Enter to run. It will start to fix the corrupted SD card. Just follow the tips when prompted.
chkdsk f /f to fix sd card recovery
After these above steps, the SD card can be used. Yet, it cannot be fixed well when there are too many errors. You have to format the SD card.

Format SD Card

① Right-click at the SD card to select [Format].
sd card formatted in this pc
② Select the file system and click [Start] to begin formatting.
how to format the SD card or reformat a hard drive

SD Card Shows as RAW Drive

disk show to be raw
When the SD card shows as RAW drive, the available storage will be zero, unable to be formatted. It means the volume of the SD card has gotten corrupted. To fix this corrupted SD card, you need to build a new volume.
① Press the group keys [Win+R] to open Run. Type [diskmgmt.msc].
run disk management
② In Disk Manager, locate at the SD card and right-click at it to add a new volume.
③ Click [Next] to go to the new simple volume wizard. Then, specify a volume size for this new volume.
set the volume size in new simple volume wizard
④ Then, set a new drive letter for the SD card and click [Next].
assign a drive letter for the new volume
⑤ Select a suitable file system, such as FAT32 or exFAT and go on.
format the volume with the settings
⑥ Click [Finish].
click to finish the new simple volume wizard
TipsOnce the SD card is formatted, all data will be cleared. If you want to retrieve them, click here to learn about the method.