How to Get SD Card Recovery Free

SD card has become a common tool for us to store pictures, documents etc. But you may feel heart breaking when you find all your data gone from the SD card. Let’s take one of our customers as an example. He lost all his valuable pictures which were taken in family activity in Hawaii due to carelessly formatting the SD card. Anxious as he was, he found solution on Internet. And he chose Renee Undeleter and got all data in SD card back. How he got SD card recover for free? Guidance will be shown.
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Note before recovery:

Please do not install the software to the SD card which you want to recover data from.

And do not input any new data into the SD card. Or the source files could be overwritten.

Want to know more about the “Does and Don’t” before recovery, please click the following link:

Notes for Data Recovery – Read Beforehand

Steps to Get SD Card Recovery for Free

Step 1: Connect your SD card with your PC. Launch Renee Undeleter and then select the scan mode.

Three Scan modes

Step 2: After selecting the the SD card, please click “Customized Setting” to select the file types you want to recover.

select a drive to scan

Step 3: Click “Scan” and then preview the target file before recovery.

select file types to recover

Step 4: Click “Next” to start disk scan. You can click the file and preview it before recovery.

Please do not select the disk from which you want to recover data from to be the destination to save the recovered data. Please select a folder in your computer or another external hard drive to save them.
preview before recovery
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