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Here, we will introduce what is encrypted flash drive and the main certification methods of such disk. Besides, recommendation of some reliable and advanced encrypted flash drive will be provided.

Have you ever used USB disk to transfer data? I think nearly every one will say yes when they are asked such question. Since computer have become an important role in our daily life and work, using flash drive to transfer data is so common among us. But here we have a question: Is the USB disk you used will keep data inside securely?
Because flash drive sometimes will expose your data in risks, such as corrupted, lost or get stolen. If the lost flash drive saved classified personal or even business files, users or enterprise may suffer a lost. So, when need to transfer some high-ranking classified data, using a encrypted flash drive seems to be essential.

What is Encrypted Flash Drive?

Encrypted flash drive is a USB disk which need you to get through a default password requirement process before accessing data inside. And advanced encrypted flash drives usually encrypt data with AES 256 Encryption which can provide best protection to data inside.
Data encrypted with AES 256 Encryption nearly can not be cracked. Even using the most advanced computer which can try 2 billion password combinations every second, the cracking process will need ten to the power of 50 years.
Encrypted Flash Drive comes with a small chip that handles data encryption. Because such disk encrypt and decrypt data with hardware, the password of this drive will not be saved in computer memory. It is nearly impossible to crack it with any cracking software.

Certification Methods of Encrypted Flash Drive

The certification methods of Encrypted Flash Drive will be different from models and brands. We could divides the certification into the following types:

1. Biometric Fingerprint Authentication

Parts of Encrypted Flash Drive encrypt data with fingerprint authentication. Its integrated fingerprint scanner can identify the correct fingerprint which can provide better protection to data inside. Some manufacturers have improve the accuracy of fingerprint authentication and stability with chips. For users who use such encrypted flash drive, they do not need to remember the complicated password.
Fingerprint authentication has been widely applied in civil products since iPhone 5S. Most new released mobile phones are integrated with fingerprint authentication. And it is really convenience.

2. Hardware Encryption

Flash Drive encrypts data with this method will ask users to enter the correct password before accessing data inside the flash drive. After connecting the encrypted flash drive to computer, a windows will pop up and users will be promoted to enter the password. This decrypt method meet most computer users’ habit.

3. Physical PIN Password Keypad Authentication

Flash drive encrypts data with such method will have a physical keypad on the disk. Users will be promoted to enter the pre-created password before allowing access to the drive. The password will be save in the encryption chip, which can be encrypt data inside within computer keyboard.

Encrypted Flash Drive Recommendation

1. DM PD061 Fingerprint Encrypted Flash Drive

Reference Price: 64GB-80USD

Released by DM, PD061 accepts the fingerprint authentication and AES 256 Encryption. Besides, the independent fingerprint authentication can avoid any violent disassembling. Besides, the fingerprint recognition just need 0.5 second.
Besides, DM PD061 has two sectors – Public Sector and Secure Sector. Users can adjust the capacity of each sector at will. Data in Secure Sector will show only after successful fingerprint authentication.

DM PD061 USB-2

2. DataTravelerLocker G3 of Kingston

Reference Price: 64GB-110USD

Kingston’s DataTravelerLocker G3 encrypts data with AES256 Advanced Encryption. Users will be required to enter the password once connected to computer. Besides, the drive will lock down and reformat after 10 failed login attempts, so users can rest assured that their data is safe – even if the drive is lost or stolen.

Kingston DataTravelerLocker G3

3. DT2000 of Kingston

Reference Price: 64GB-175.99USD

DT2000 from Kingston could be regard as the flagship product of encrypted flash drive. The reasons lie on its hardware-based, AES 256-bit data encryption in XTS mode, which can provide better protection than CBC or ECB mode. Besides, adaping
with physical PIN keypad, encryption will be done on the drive and no trace of the PIN is left on the system. And the drive will be lock down and reformat after 10
failed login attempts.

Kingston DT2000 USB

Limitation of Encrypted Flash Drive

Although encrypted flash drive with good quality could provide a better protection to data, it still has limitation: Price. The price of such encrypted flash drive will be expensive when comparing with usual USB disk in same capacity. Sometimes, the price could be 6 or even 7 times higher. And the capacity of such encrypted flash drive will be limited which could be useless if users need to transfer files in large size.

If you want to transfer large files with flash drive and encrypt data inside, we recommend you to try Lock File function for external disk in Renee File Protector. It can password protect any files and folders inside the external disk without limitation on files size or number.

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