Topic of Data Security in Office

Here we are going to help you get to know more about possible threats to data security in office and related solutions.

Causes and Countermeasures of Information Leakage

We often save some important files to the computer or to the USB mobile hard disk. For these saved files, users often just store them and forget about them, without encrypting the files or protecting them by other methods. Due to people’s lack of security awareness, file information is frequently leaked. This article will list the causes and countermeasures of common information leakage in our life.


How to Hide Used Files in Windows

Many computer users prefer to hide the important, confidential, recently used files in fear that they are accessed or deleted when the computer is not around us. How to hide the recently used files in Windows 10? How to hide the important files or folders?


Is Public Free WiFi Really Safe?

Users prefer to connect to WiFi when using the smartphone. But are you clear about the potential risk of connecting to a free WiFi in public places? What can we do to avoid these security risk?


How to Disable USB Ports

In most company, desire of restricting the use of USB ports is very common. Preciously, they just want to forbid staff from using USB storage devices which may harm the data security. Here, we will introduce how to disable USB ports without influencing the normal use of other USB devices.


Data Security in Office

Threats of data leak is everywhere. Data security in office should be paid more attention. Here we will go through about how to improve the data security level in office.


Encrypt Data on USB Drive/Removable Storage Device

USB disk and removable storage devices are very useful when we need to transfer data among different computers. But how to provide better protection to data inside? Of course is to encrypt them with password! Here we will go through about it!