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USB disk and removable storage devices are very useful when we need to transfer data among different computers. But how to provide better protection to data inside? Of course is to encrypt them with password! Here we will go through about it!

Threats of Data Leak When Transferring Data

When we need to transfer data among different computers, we prefers to make it with removable storage devices like USB flash drive. When considering the data security in office, such behavior is kind of risky because the USB flash drive could be stolen or data inside could be copied without authorization.
If you want to prevent employees from coping data with removable storage devices like USB flash drive, please try the latest software – Renee USB Block which can disable USB ports and provide white-list function which allows users to use the trusted removable storage devices.
Although we could find different encrypted flash drive which can prevent data leak in a better way, it’s so expensive that many users are hesitate to purchase it. Besides, its capacity is limited and can not provide enough protection to files with large size. If you want to provide overall protection to data in removable storage devices, Renee File Protector could be a good choice for you. Encrypt function inside can help you password protect any folder regardless its size before transfer. After saving the encrypted data to target computer, you can decrypt the data. Whole encrypt process is adopted with the advanced algorithm which can not be decrypted with brute-force methods at present. The encrypt and decrypt processes are 100% safe and easy to go.
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How to Encrypt Files with Renee File Protector?

Step 1: Launch Renee File Protector. Go to “Encrypt File” in “Common”.

Select Encrypt File in Common function

Step 2: Click “Add Files” or “Add Folders” accordingly. And choose the target in the pop up window. After that, please choose to encrypt the target in GFL or EXE.

password protect excel file with encryption function

Differences between GFL and EXE format

GFL: If you save the encrypted files in GFL format, you must to install Renee File Protector to decrypt the GFL file. So this format suitable for users who need to transfer data among computers which have installed Renee File Protector.

EXE: If you save the encrypted files in EXE format, others can decrypt the EXE file directly in any other computer with the correct password. Users do not need to install Renee File Protector in target computer. This format is recommended for general data transfer.

Step 3: Set the saving path and the encrypted password. After settings, please click “OK” to save the settings.

set password for the encrypted Excel file

How to Decrypt the Files

Double click the encrypted file. Select the path to save the files inside. And then please enter the password you set.

double click at the file and unlock the file
Compression software like Winzip and Winrar can also help users to compress data with password.  But data password protected with such compression software are easy to be cracked. Tools like ZIP Password Unlocker, Turbo ZIP Cracker, PKZIP, RAR Password Recovery can crack it. So it is not secure enough to encrypt data on USB flash drive or removable storage devices with these software.


  • Renee File Protector  adapts the advanced AES256 encryption to increase the data security level.
  • No limitation on the size or number of the encrypted files.
  • The protected data will be kept to be encrypted when transferred. Even you lose the removable storage devices, others will not get access to data inside.
  • This function free to use even in trial version of Renee File Protector.
It will take a long time if you encrypt or decrypt files with large size.
Renee File Protector can provide overall protection to data when transferred with USB disk or removable storage devices. There is no doubt that it is one of the best choice to ensure the data security in company and office.
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