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The risk of data leak is everywhere. If you want to prevent data from leak in office. Monitoring computer could be a good choice. Here we will go through some effective computer monitoring methods and software.

monitoring computer
Maybe you are facing with threats of data leak but you do not know. But most of us have installed specific software on computer to ensure data security. But we can not make it 100% safe. In office, data security has been paid more and more attention to. To prevent data leak in office, some may choose to install some computer monitor software. In fact, this really works. Even privacy leak happens, company can find out the cause effectively and make preparation quickly. But, how can we monitor computer activities in an effective way?


Before you start to monitoring the PC, YOU MUST KNOW: :Monitoring others’ computer without permission is illegal. Computer monitoring will be allowed only under specific situations, such as monitor certain activities on office computer, parents want to help kids to get access to health content from Internet. Monitor which may harm the personal privacy is not allowed. Besides, even the monitor is legal, it is impolite to do so without permission. So, please think twice before you decide to monitor computer activities.

What do You Want to Monitor?

Monitoring computer activities is not so easy. You need to be clear about what you want to monitor. Generally, computer monitor could be divided in to two types: 1. Monitor all activities on computer Once the monitor is done, you can see all the activities of the users on the PC, including the history of surfing Internet, chat history. This could hurt employees’ feeling and break the law. 2.Monitor activities of specific location For the majority of cases, bosses want to know what is happening on specific files. So, we can monitor these files and make a better protection to prevent from data leak.

How to Monitor?

Method 1: Record Screen Activities with Renee Screen Recorder

If you want to master all activities happens in computer, recording all activities in computer screen is the best way. We could find multiple screen recording software on Internet. But we recommend you to try one of the most popular one – Renee Screen Recorder.

What is Renee Screen Recorder?

Renee Screen Recorder, a totally free recording software, allows users to record computer screen and sound. Also it can record the activities of mouse at the same time. Users can also add watermark and set auto-record plan.

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Record Screen Activities Secretly

You surely do not want others to know their computer is under ward when you monitor other’s computer. Then secretly recording in Renee Screen Recorder can do you a favor.

1.Launch Renee Screen Recorder and click “Auto Record” to enter automatic record plan.
2. Check “Do not stop” item in Auto Stop Settings and the “Hide Screen Recorder” item in the right-bottom corner in the pop up window.
Because we record computer screen activities with Screen Recorder for a long time, so the space of disk will be occupied continuously. And checking the activities via watching such a video will waste time. Besides, users will find the recording without effort and they can close the record. Also, recording screen on staff computer could break the law.
Advantage The simplest computer monitor method. All activities will be recorded in the video.


  • The record video will occupy large disk space and is not suitable for long-time recording.
  • This behavior could offend computer users’ privacy.
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Method 2: Use Computer Monitoring Software - Process Monitor

Designed by Windows Sysinternals, freeware Process Monitor can monitor activities of all process in Windows computer. When you launch Process Monitor, it will start to monitor the following all activities of the following 3 types of process: files system, registry and software. Also, filter function allows users to focus on specific targets. Process Monitor mixed the function of 2 software: FileMon and RegMon, which are used for system management, finding evidence in computer and test software. With powerful functions in Process Monitor, users can monitor computer and prevent computer from virus in a better way.
Although its powerful monitor function is attractive, it mostly used for individual to monitor suspicious software. When you run this software, you can not hide the interface from displaying on desktop.  Besides, you can not password protect this monitor software and others can close it at any time. But with the tool below, you can  hide the interface of Process Monitor.

Hide Interface of Process Monitor with WinRAP

Designed to hide interface of running software, WinRAP is easy to use.

Launch WinRAP, find and choose Process Monitor in the list. Then please click “Hide” button. After that, you will not find Process Monitor in the taskbar.
After hiding Process Monitor, we can also hide WinRAP to get better result.
1. Go to “Configurations” in “File”. Create new password for WinRAP and click “Change Password” to save. After that, please set the hotkey to restore WinRAP.
2. Return to main interface of WinRAP. Choose “Stealth Mode” in “Lock”. Then WinRAP will be hidden.
3. When you want to restore the WinRAP, just press the hotkeys you set (Default one is SHIFT+Z). Then please enter the correct password in the pop up window to access the software.
Advantage Allows to monitor all activities on computer.
Disadvantages Software can not hide itself and protect itself with password, which is easy to be discovered and closed.
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Method 3: Monitor Computer with Renee File Protector

Renee File Protect aims at providing better protection to files reading and writing as we have introduced in this topic. Besides these function, Renee File Protector can also monitor and record reading/writing activities in computer. The activity log can help you know the activity of the files clearly.

How to Monitor Computer Files with Renee File Protector

Step 1: Launch Renee File Protector. Go to “Monitor” in “Hard Disk”.


Step 2: Click “Add” button to add the target folder you want to monitor.

add the target directory to monitor

Step 3: All activities of the monitored target will be recorded in the monitor log. You can click “Export” to get the log for further analysis.

check the monitor logs in renee file protector


  • Support to monitor many folders and partitions at the same time.
  • Only monitor the target files instead of all activities. This will not disobey the law.
Only default password is available in free version. So others can delete the monitor target without permission.
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