How to Put Password on Folders without Compression

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Want to password protect folders which contain sensitive data? Try Renee File Protector! No need to compress or uncompress like other encryption software. Follow the 3 simple steps which doesn’t require you to be super tech-savvy, your folders will get high level of security.

Do not want others to see your secret files optionally? Then we can password protect such kind of files. We may use WinRar. But when we want to edit the files inside, we need to uncompress the encrypted .exe files first and then recompress it and set the password again after editing. Really troublesome! Now you can simply put password on the folders and deny the unauthorized access to related folders with Renee File Protector. No need to compress or uncompress before editing. Simple and safe!
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Put Password on Folders

Characteristics of Folder Lock Software

  • Only one password, you can master all your protected folder.
  • Main functions include lock, hide, protect, monitor, encrypt and safe delete files, folders and even disk.
  • Besides locking folders, you can also lock programs, games and some system files to prevent from unauthorized modification, destruction or open.
  • Complete data protection across whole Windows platforms. Secure your privacy data without slowing your computer down.
  • New version of Renee File Protector support encrypt files and folders in External disk/USB and file in Shared Folders.

3 Steps Password Protect Folder in Windows 10 without Compression

Preparation before encryption:

Download Renee File Protector and install it.

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The first time you use Renee File Protector, you will be required to set your master password and the email address.
set master password for renee file protector
Lock with Master Password of Renee File Protector
(Folder encrypted through this plan will not be password-protected after the uninstallation of Renee File Protector.)

Step 1: Launch Renee File Protector and click “Hard disk” then “Lock File”.

lock function

Step 2: Click “Lock Folder” and then select the target folder in the pop up browser.

lock folder

Step 3: When you want to open the protected folders, you will be required the master password.

enter master password
Besides, you can also right click the target folder and select “Lock (Deny read + run + write)”. Enter the master password in the pop-up window. Then whole encrypt process will be finished.
Lock with Master Password of Renee File Protector
Folders locked through this function will still under protection even Renee File Protector is uninstalled.

Step 1: Right-click the target folder, select “Renee File Protector” in the menu and then click “Encrypt a copy” or “Encrypt to *exe”.

Menu Encrypt

Step 2: Please enter the independent password in the pop-up window. (Please remember the password.)

Encrypt exe

Step 3: Safe delete the source folder.

After the lock process finished, the source folder will still reserve. So you need to safe delete it with “Shred and delete it” function of Renee File Protector.


Step 4: Enter the independent password.

When you run or extract the password-protected folder, you will be required to enter the password you set when encrypt the folder.

Besides, you can also right-click the target folder and then select Renee Files Protector then click “Lock (Deny read + write + run). Then enter the master password in the pop-up window. Whole encrypt process will be finished.
Renee File Protector is so easy-to-use that you need absolutely no computer skills to password protect folders or files you want. If you have to share your computer regularly, then use Renee File Protector to prevent curious eyes from opening or modifying your sensitive files, folder and even disk will be a good choice.
Free version of professional data protection software – Renee File Protector is available now! Download and have a try now!
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