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How to protect your important data with multiple protection levels of Renee File Protector? The following articles will give you solutions with step by step processes about different problems.

How to Show Hidden Folders in Windows 10

You probably know the methods about how to hide the folder, but not to show the hidden folder. Many of you hide the folders with the built-in function in Windows. However, when you need to use hidden folders again, you don’t know how to display them. Find the answers about how to show hidden folders in Windows 10 here.


How to Control Access to Shared Folders

Users prefer to save sensitive files in computer. However, if the computer you used needs to be shared with others, it is necessary to control access to folders which you save confidential files. However, if we want to share files with specific users, we can make it by shared folders.


Data Leakage Prevention – How to Protect Personal Data

The continuously developed Internet expands the way that people can get information. However, new problems appear as well. The most important one is the data security of Internet. Following will introduce about how to protect personal data from leakage.


How to Control Folder Access?

Computer help us save lots of confidential files and data. However, if the computer you use need to share with others, you’d better to control folder access to protect sensitive files. Besides, we can share files with other by sharing function in computer.


Password Protect Folder on Windows 10 with Encryption Software

Folders can help us to manage files by categories or other factors. To keep the folders in safe status, users will protect the folders with different methods like encryption, lock, hide, etc. However, the most effective way is to encrypt the folder. Here, we will introduce how to encrypt folder on Windows 10 for you.


How to Prevent Mobile Data Leakage

Recent years, risk and news of data leakage via mobile phone have increased rapidly. The main reason is that users prefer to send files and data without any protection with the help of mobile phone and Apps. As a result, data leakage happens. How can we prevent such disaster? Following will introduce some effective methods to you.


Recommendation of Folder Encryption Software

To prevent data leakage, people prefer to lock folders which save important data inside. Profession folder encryption software is one of the most popular choice. Here, we are going to introduce and compare 3 popular and professional encryption software for you.


How to Set a Password on a Folder and File

If we want to prevent personal data from leakage and get better protection, we can set a password on a folder and file. But which software is safe and effective? Following will introduce easy to use encryption tools.