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How to protect your important data with multiple protection levels of Renee File Protector? The following articles will give you solutions with step by step processes about different problems.

How to Password Protect Dropbox Folder?

Now, over 100 million people are using Dropbox to store files. Some of them are concerned about whether the confidential files are safe enough in Dropbox. In this essay, we will talk about how to password protect Dropbox folder.


Really Safe to Encrypt Zip File with Archiver?

Zip is a very common compressed file format. We usually pack many files into a compressed package and send it out. That will be very convenient. But the important files should be under protection. In this essay, we will talk about how to encrypt zip files.


How to Hide Files in Windows 10?

Given to data security, some users will hide some files and folder, in order to protect them away from being deleted accidentally. Some users want to prevent their confidential files from being stolen. How to hide files in Windows 10? More details in this essay.


How to Hide My Phone Photos?

Photos can record our happy time. But, photos saved in our mobile phones may be easily stolen by the other people. To protect our privacy, we should keep our pictures well. In this essay, we will talk about how to hide our phone photos.


Top 5 PDF Encryption Software

As PDF is widely used, we should attach importance to PDF protection. In this essay, we will introduce 5 pieces of software to lock and encrypt PDF files.


How to Show Hidden Folders in Windows 10

You probably know the methods about how to hide the folder, but not to show the hidden folder. Many of you hide the folders with the built-in function in Windows. However, when you need to use hidden folders again, you don’t know how to display them. Find the answers about how to show hidden folders in Windows 10 here.


How to Control Access to Shared Folders

Users prefer to save sensitive files in computer. However, if the computer you used needs to be shared with others, it is necessary to control access to folders which you save confidential files. However, if we want to share files with specific users, we can make it by shared folders.


Data Leakage Prevention – How to Protect Personal Data

The continuously developed Internet expands the way that people can get information. However, new problems appear as well. The most important one is the data security of Internet. Following will introduce about how to protect personal data from leakage.


How to Control Folder Access?

Computer help us save lots of confidential files and data. However, if the computer you use need to share with others, you’d better to control folder access to protect sensitive files. Besides, we can share files with other by sharing function in computer.