Easy Way to Password Protect Folder in Windows 7

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Want a more protective folder in your Windows 7 PC to prevent from unauthorized access? With Renee File Protector, you can make it with a few simple steps! Follow us now!

Few computer users find it important to protect personal information before unwanted access or sharing computer with others. When they found that the data inside the computer has been modified or even deleted, they will regret about the careless. So repair the house before it rains – encrypt the personal data immediately.
window folder password protect
You may probably wonder what the data encryption is and how to encrypt?

What is Encrypt and How?

The data encryption is used to make the protected data unreadable and even will ask for password when any user wants to open it. Want to make the encryption be more convenience, you can move all the target files into one folder or separate the files into different folders. Then you can just encrypt these folders rather than the files one by one.

Protect the Folder with Windows’ Built-in Secure Function

Windows has built-in data protection function which can help users protect the folder.
Step 1: Right-click the folder you want to protect for and click “Properties” in the menu. Step 2: Click “Advanced” on “General” tab. Then check the box of “Encrypt content to secure” in “Compress or Encrypt attributes”.
Windows bulit in protection
However, only Windows professional is enabled with this function and this function is not so good. What about the other Windows version users or someone what to get more protective? A professional folder encryption software would be more protective and widely used at this moment.

Professional File Encryption Software – Renee File Protector

  • 3 simple steps you can finish the protection.
  • Designed for maximum convenience!
  • Unlimited number of private storage vaults.
  • Incredibly easy-to-use. Even for first-time computer users.
  • You can also password protect your programs, DVD-Rom from others access.
  • Activity monitor automatically suspends access to open files on timeouts or hibernation.
  • Simply drag and drop target into the list and change the data condition whenever you want.
  • Master password and individual password are both available when you want to password protect folders or files.
Download the free version of Renee File Protector to password your Windows 7 folder Now!
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Easy Password Protect Folder in Windows with Renee File Protector

The first time you use Renee File Protector, you will be required to set your master password and the email address.
set master password for renee file protector
Renee File Protector equips with two ways for you to password protected the folders.
We recommend you to backup the files you want to password protected in case of data lost or damage due to encryption password lost or other reason.
Lock with Master Password of Renee File Protector
(Folder encrypted through this plan will not be password-protected after the uninstallation of Renee File Protector.)

Step 1: Launch Renee File Protector and click “Hard disk” then “Lock File”.

lock function

Step 2: Click “Lock Folder” and then select the target folder in the pop up browser.

lock folder

Step 3: When you want to open the protected folders, you will be required the master password.

enter master password
Besides, you can also right click the target folder and select “Lock (Deny read + run + write)”. Enter the master password in the pop-up window. Then whole encrypt process will be finished.
Lock with Master Password of Renee File Protector
Folders locked through this function will still under protection even Renee File Protector is uninstalled.

Step 1: Right-click the target folder, select “Renee File Protector” in the menu and then click “Encrypt a copy” or “Encrypt to *exe”.

Menu Encrypt

Step 2: Please enter the independent password in the pop-up window. (Please remember the password.)

Encrypt exe

Step 3: Safe delete the source folder.

After the lock process finished, the source folder will still reserve. So you need to safe delete it with “Shred and delete it” function of Renee File Protector.


Step 4: Enter the independent password.

When you run or extract the password-protected folder, you will be required to enter the password you set when encrypt the folder.

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