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Want to password protect external hard disk but do not want to influence the normal use of the free space and not-so-important files in external disk? Try professional external hard disk encryption software here!

Reasons of Password Protect Data in External Hard Drive

Portable memory devices like external hard disk, USB drives, SD card, etc help us to carry data on the go. But these devices have their own disadvantages like it is easy to lost or even fall into wrong hands, which means all the data inside will be compromised. Can we get a better protection to the folders which save important data in the external hard drives and portable devices? Then nobody can get access to the files or data inside the devices without your authorization. The best way is to protect these data with password which is set by your own!

How to Protect Data in External Hard Drive with Password

In Windows, we can password protect the folders which is saved in computer with the built-in encryption function. But how to password protect external disk at will and will not influence the normal use of the free space and not-so-important files? Here we recommend 2 professional data encrytion software to you. You can pick one at will.

1. Renee File Protector

Being an encryption software, Renee File Protector can encrypt, hide and lock data in local disk, USB disk and shared folders. The encryption function in Renee File Protector will not limit the file size. Users can encrypt any files with this software and whole process is safe and simple.

The encryption algorithm that Renee File Protector uses is private and advanced, which make it hardly detectable. And the encryption for folder in external hard drives and external memorydevices can control the unauthorized access effectively.

Get Overall Protection to Privacy Data with Renee File Protector

Password protects folder and files in external memory device like USB disk, memory card, etc.

Password protect network folders to ensure corret users get access to correct shared folder.

Supports to hide, lock folders/files/parititon in local disk.

Erase data you select forever without trace. Protect your personal data!

Compatiable with Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP

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people have download Renee File Protector to get overall protection.
Not enough protection? No only want to protect the data inside the computer but also prevent from outside threats? Professional USB Port Locker – Renee USB Block may help! Disable auto detection of USB port, bluetooth, CD/DVD devices, etc.
How to Password Protect Folders in External Hard Drives with Renee File Protector
The first time you use Renee File Protector, you will be required to set the master password. Here we recommend you to set the email address because it can help you recover the master password when you forget it.
set master password for renee file protector

Step 1:  Launch Renee File Protector and go to “Lock File” in “External Disk“. Then connect your external hard disk/external memory device to computer.

select lock function

Step 2: Click “Lock Folder” on the right side and select the target folder in external hard drive.

select target folder
After selecting the folder, you need to set the password. Renee File Protector provides 2 password modes: the master password you set when using the software for the first time and the independent password. *Now, new version provides “Guest Password” which can authorize users to check the files but can not unlock.
set password for the folder

Step 3: Check & edit the files inside the password protected folder.

After lock, it will create a new file named “(original name of the folder).exe”. Then the original folder will be deleted automatically.
If you want to access the password protected folder and edit the files inside, please click this .exe file and then enter the related password in the pop up window.
enter the folder

Step 4: After entering the correct password, a floating window of the password protected folder will be shown on the right-top corner on desktop.

You can click “View”, “Change Password” and “Unlock” to make the operation you want.
view or unlock the folder
How to Unlock the Folder Permanently in External Hard Drive?

Unlock in Other Computer (Without Renee File Protector)

After lock, it will create a new file named “(original name of the folder).exe”. Then the original folder will be deleted automatically. If you want to unlock folder permanently, please click this .exe file and then enter the password you set before in the pop up window.
enter the folder
After unlock, please click “Unlock” in the floating window and confirm the operation.
unlock the folder-without-Renee File Protector

Unlock with Renee File Protector

If you want to unlock the folder in your own computer which you password the folder in, you can unlock it with Renee File Protector.
. Click “Lock File” in “External Disk”.

. Select the target folder(s).

. Click “Unlock” button.

. Enter the password you set.

unlock with Renee File Protector
No so clear about the operation? Get more from the video!

2. Renee SecureSilo

Different from Renee File Protector we introduced above, the following data encryption software protect your sensitive data in external memory device by creating a virtual disk with password protected in the external disk. Users can save folders, independent files in the virtual disk. In the following, we will show you the welcomed software, Renee SecureSilo and tell you how to encrypt data in the external hard drive.
lenovo data leakage password protect folder windows 10 renee secure silo encryption
Renee SecureSilo is one of the welcomed encryption software. It is featured as convenience and high security. Users can place the USB files into a private disk, hide them and set a password to protect the external hard drive.
Easy to modify – Users can create a virtual disk and place files into the disk. Users can access data inside immediately and close when unnecessary. Different from compression software like RAR/ZIP/7ZIP, modifying data which is protected with Renee SecureSilo will not waste your time on decompression
Safe – Due to the private virtual disk format and the advanced AES256 encryption technology, it cannot be easily cracked down by the common crackers.
Renee SecureSilo – Encrypt Confidential Data

Encrypt files in seconds Encrypt files with virtual encrypted disk and whole process can be finished in 1 second.

User friendly Concise interface helps users master the software in short time.

High Security AES256 encryption algorithm helps Renee Seecure Silo encrypt files confidentially.

Encrypt any Data Support to encrypt images, videos, Office documents and software.

Overall Data Protection Solution Protect data in USB disk/hide/disguise files/ Password wallet.

Easy to use Few clicks for whole encryption process.

User friendly Concise interface helps users master the software in short time.

Encrypt any Data Support to encrypt images, videos, Office documents and software.

Free TrialFree Trial 800 users have downloaded and protect data!
How to use Renee SecureSilo to password protect an external hard drive:
1. Download and install Renee SecureSilo. Open the software and set a login password.
set the login password for renee secure silo
2. Click on [Protect USB] > [Protect USB Drive].
protect usb with renee securesilo
3. Select [Create a new portable Silo in my USB Drive].
create a new portable silo in usb with renee securesilo
4. Edit the new silo and click on [Next] to go on.
name for the usb silo and set a password with renee securesilo
5. Set the silo size.
set size for the usb silo with renee securesilo
6. As the silo is created, we can place the files into the silo and then close to lock. It is noted that you can click the floating window to show the main menu again when you’ve closed the silo.
place files into the usb silo with renee securesilo
7. In the hard drive, we can directly enter the password to open silo.
enter password to unlock the usb
8. Then, you will see the list of the files.
file list of usb silo
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