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Without OCR technology, converting images or scanned PDF files into editable text is challenging, resulting in format errors and content confusion. Choose software with OCR technology, like Google's OCR tool, for better format conversion and content editing. Learn how to use it to convert PDF or image files. We also recommend an alternative software.

I. What is Google's OCR tool?

google ocr tools
Google’s OCR tool is actually the OCR function of Google Docs (Google Docs), which can realize text recognition of PDF files or image content, and is a free online format conversion or editing tool. Google Docs (Google Docs) is a set of online office software similar to Microsoft Office, which can process and search documents, forms, slides, and share files with others through the network, as long as you have a Google account. Google Docs includes three categories: online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Users can easily perform all basic operations including making item lists, sorting, adding tables/images/comments/equations, changing fonts and more.

II. How to use Google's OCR tool?

Using Google’s OCR function, you can easily convert PDF files or image files into editable text files. Let’s take a look at how to do it:
Step 1: Log in to Google Drive with your Google account, then find the “My Drive” – “Upload files” button, and upload the PDF file to be edited to Google Drive.
Google Drive interface
Step 2: Right click on the uploaded PDF file and select “Open With” – “Google Docs”. At this time, a worksheet icon will appear during the file loading process, that is, Google is using OCR technology to convert your PDF or image file into text.
Open the file via Google Docs
Step 3: After opening, the file does not have any format in Google Docs, only text information, and then you can use the edit function in the top menu bar to personalize the edited and manipulated text content up.
Edit file interface
Step 4: After editing the file, find “File” – “Download” in the function menu bar and select the file format you want to save, and the file will be saved to your computer according to the preset location up.
Edit and save PDF files
Using the OCR function of Google Docs, although PDF files can be easily converted into editable text files, there are certain disadvantages. Since Google Docs is an online format conversion and editing service, it has relatively high requirements for the network environment; in addition, files opened through Google Docs can only be directly converted into editable text, and the original format of the original file cannot be retained. In order to solve these defects, I recommend you a software that can replace the OCR function of Google Docs – Renee PDF Aide . This software also has the OCR function and is more flexible and convenient to use. Let’s take a look at this software together.

III. Convert PDF files to editable text with Renee PDF Aide?

Renee PDF Aide not only has advanced OCR technology, can perfectly replace the OCR function of Google Docs, but also can solve the format conversion and editing problems of PDF files, and it is very easy to use.

1. What is Renee PDF Aide?

Renee PDF Aide , is a multifunctional tool software that integrates PDF file editing and format conversion. The software integrates advanced OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, which can convert scanned PDF files into common format files such as Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Image/HTML/TXT, and you can choose to convert the entire PDF document or PDF document The specified page can be quickly converted into other formats, and the conversion speed can be as high as 80 pages per minute. The software is easy to operate and has various functions. It can not only optimize and edit specific pages of PDF format files, such as repairing damaged files, optimizing the loading time of large files, splitting multi-page files, and combining multiple specified pages into one PDF file. , adjust the display angle of the file, etc., you can also encrypt/decrypt PDF files, add multi-form watermarks to exclusive files, etc.
In addition, Renee PDF Aide also supports the conversion of English/French/German/Italian/Spanish/Portuguese/Chinese/Korean/Japanese and other multi-language texts. In OCR mode, selecting the corresponding recognition language can greatly improve the accuracy of character recognition , The conversion efficiency is extremely high, even computer beginners can easily handle it.
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Multifunctional Encrypt/decrypt/split/merge/add watermark

Safe Protect PDF with AES256 algorithms

Quick Edit/convert dozens of PDF files in batch

Compatible Convert PDF to Excel/PowerPoint/Text, etc.

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Functional Encrypt/decrypt/split/merge/watermark

Safe Protect PDF with AES256 algorithms

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2. How to convert PDF files into editable text with Renee PDF Aide's OCR technology?

Renee PDF Aide has two functions, one is to meet the basic editing operations on PDF files; the other is The function is to convert PDF format files into other commonly used format files. Let’s take a look at how to convert PDF files into text files with the help of Renee PDF Aide’s OCR technology.
The operation steps are very simple, the specific process is as follows:
Step 1: Download and install Renee PDF Aide, run the software, select the “Convert PDF” option.
Convert PDF Options
Step 2: After entering the format conversion page, you can choose to convert the PDF file into Word/Excel/PowerPoint/EPUB/TXT/HTML six format files that support the use of OCR technology. Check the “Enable OCR” option to improve the format conversion The text recognition rate in the process. Then import the PDF file that needs format conversion into Renee PDF Aide through the “Add File” button.
Select the menu bar interface
Instructions for enabling OCR technology:
In Renee PDF Aide, enabling OCR technology includes two functions. Right now
A. Recognize text in pictures or PDF scans. This option can recognize text in pictures or PDF scans, and the accuracy of text recognition can be further improved with the help of OCR technology.
B. Identify built-in fonts (to avoid garbled characters). This option is applicable to the situation where there are built-in fonts in the PDF source file, which can avoid garbled characters after the format conversion is completed.
Step 3: After the setting is complete, click the “Convert” button on the right to start executing the command to convert the PDF file into the corresponding format file, and then you can perform more editing operations on the converted file, which is very convenient Convenient.
start conversion interface
After knowing how to operate the format conversion function, let’s learn how to use the basic editing functions of Renee PDF Aide.
How to use the editing function of Renee PDF Aide?
The file editing functions of Renee PDF Aide are not only diverse, but also very simple to operate. The specific steps are as follows:
Step 1: Download and install Renee PDF Aide, then open the software. Click to enter “PDF Toolset”.
PDF Toolset Options
Step 2: In the function menu bar at the top, you can choose any function to perform personalized editing operations on PDF files. Such as repair, optimization, split, merge, rotate, encrypt/decrypt, watermark, image to PDF. In addition, you can edit multiple PDF files at the same time, which is convenient and fast. Then import the files that need to be edited into Renee PDF Aide through the “Add Files” button.
Function option bar interface
PDF Tool set editing function module description
repair: Repair damaged or unopenable PDF files.
optimization: Optimize PDF files that take a long time to load, and compress large file PDFs.
segmentation: Split multi-page PDF files into multiple files or one as required.
merge: Merge and output multiple PDFs into one PDF, and you can also specify the pages to be merged.
Rotation: Adjust the display angle of PDF files.
encrypt and decode: PDF can be encrypted, locked and decrypted.
watermark: Add foreground watermark/background watermark to PDF file, watermark can choose picture or PDF document.
Image to PDF: Convert multiple or single images into one or more PDF files.
Step 3: After the editing settings are completed, click the “Convert” button on the right to quickly export the edited PDF file to the preset location.
Convert button interface
The above are the detailed operation steps of using Renee PDF Aide. As a perfect replacement tool for Google Docs, you don’t have to worry about changing the typesetting style and content of the source file during the format conversion process; don’t worry about the network environment affecting your editing and operation, because the software can still be used normally when offline. In addition, Renee PDF Aide has added two different options in the configuration of the OCR function, namely: recognition of text in scanned copies or pictures, and recognition of built-in fonts, which are suitable for different file formats and can better Improve the efficiency of format conversion and the accuracy of text recognition, so it is strongly recommended for everyone to use.