How to Password Protect USB Drive

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Want to provide reliable protection to data in USB drive? Try the 3 methods below! You may find the one which suits you!

Carrying data which includes sensitive information with USB drive is very common for us. But we should consider how to protect the sensitive or important data in case of loss or theft. The best way is to password protect them with password which can ensure the unauthorized access to the protected data in USB Drive.
Here we provide 3 methods which can help you password USB drive. No matter which way you choose, make sure to keep everything update in time.

Method 1: Renee File Protector

There is a lot of third-party data encryption software which claims to protect data in USB with password. But not all of them are so-called quality. With professional data protection software – Renee File Protector, you can find a totally different experience and password protect any part of the data in your USB drive. Easy to use, convenience and reliable!

Why Choose Renee File Protector

  • Two password modes are selectable.
  • Computer you connect the USB drive to does not need to install Renee File Protector after encryption.
  • Others can not view or edit the password protected data in the USB drive unless with correct Password as well as change the password or decrypt the data.

More Functions:

  • Supports to encrypt files/folders/partitions in different storage devices like local disk, external hard disk, USB disk, memory card, etc.
  • Being able to password protect shared folders.
  • Provides hide, lock, protect, monitor, encrypt, and safe delete functions.
  • Advanced settings provide a better protection to Renee File Protector and your data.



Want to get detailed steps? Password Protect Folder in External Hard Drive provides more for you.

Method 2: Bitlocker on Windows

Some users may think of password protect the USB Drive with Bitlocker. However, security holes and vulnerabilities has been found in Bitlocker, which can be hacked. There is no need to worry about it. Hacking is not so easy since it needs a lot of technical skill. And security is always being improved and updated.
Bitlocker will encrypt your USB drive and then will ask for the password whenever you want to access data inside. But not all the Windows versions are equipped with Bitlocker.

Method 3: Hardware Encrypted USB Drives

If you do not want to make the encryption by yourself then the third option: buy a USB drive with built-in encrypt function could be a good choice for you.
Please make sure the encrypted USB drive is under enough security. If you check reviews under some cheap options on shopping websites like Amazon, you will find someone who were “shocked” when they were able to access the data in such “encrypted USB drives” without entering their password.
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