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System Integrity Protection also called SIP will be run automatically in Mac after the release of MacOS 10.13. Lots of system software fail to work normally. Here we will get more about how to disable SIP to make them work again.

mac 10.13
When upgrade MacOS to 10.13 (High Sierra), users may find that some software which could run normally gets to be abnormal and even can not run anymore. For example, some data recovery software like Renee Undeleter can not scan the system disk to recover data. Only external memory devices could be found on the target disk list.
This is caused by the built-in SIP (System Integrity Protection) technology which will be run automatically in Mac OS High Sierra 10.13 and later version.
What is SIP?

SIP is designed to help prevent potentially malicious software from modifying protected files and folder on Mac. Besides, it will limit the operation from root account on the protected parts of the Mac OS. Only software which has been singed by Apple and has special entitlements to write to system files (Such as Apple software update and Apple Installer), modification of these protected parts will be processed by SIP.


How to Solve the Not Recognized System Disk in Renee Undeleter?

If users need to recover data from system disk on Mac OS, data recovery software will need to access to protected parts of the system. However, SIP will not allow this operation even the software is equipped with root-level access authority. When users encounter such situation, users need to disable the SIP technology before recovery finish.

Step 1: Select “Restart” in Mac. Hold down Command-R to reboot into Recovery Mode.

Attention: The process could be time-consuming. Please wait patiently.
press command and r

Step 2: Please go to “Utilities” and click “Terminal” in the menu.

select terminal in utilities

Step 3: Type “csrutil disable” in the pop window and press “Return”.

enter crustil disable

Step 4: Restart Mac after finish. Run data recovery software and you will find the system disk of Mac OS is listed.

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