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It is common for users to empty the recycle bin to get more free space and use shift delete to permanently delete files. However, we may delete important files carelessly. Methods below can help you recover these deleted files back. Go for it now!

Delete files from Windows 10 computer disk or from the desktop? Or permanently delete the files from Win 10? Is it possible to recover them back? Of course! Find solutions here!

Windows computers do a great favor in our daily life, work and study. Some files are useless for us. In order to get more free space in computer, we may move these useless files to Recycle bin and then empty it. Some users may press “Shift” + “Del” button to permanently delete the useless files.

permanently delete files
empty recycle bin in windows 10
However, we may delete important files carelessly. Here we list some methods which can help you recover important files quickly and safely. Please remember the following issues before recovery:
  • Confirm the disk from which you save the deleted files.
  • Shut down all anti-virus software and network sync software.
  • Do not install any software in the disk from which you lost your files even the software we mention below.
  • Do not run built-in chkdsk to recover of find deleted files. Chkdsk will create lots of chk files which may overwrite the lost data and lead to recovery failure.

Method 1: Recover Deleted Files from Windows 10 with Built-in Restore Function

Windows has equipped with restore point creation function since Windows 7. System disk is the key protected target in Windows 10. Windows will create a restore point every it process update. We could find back the permanently deleted files via the restore point.
Attention: If the create time of the files are later than that of the restore point, users could not recover deleted files from Windows 10/7.

Step 1: Confirm the disk from which we deleted file. Here, we take C: drive as an example.

Step 2: Go to “Computer” and right-click “Disk C”. Select “Restore previous version”.

restore to previous version

Step 3: Click “Open” in the pop-up window.

select backup version 2

Step 4: Find the target files in the browser of the creation point we selected.


Free, effective and convenience. And supports to recover data from HDD and SSD.


Target disk needs to have restore point which was created beforehand.

This function suitable to Windows 10 users. Because Windows 10 will create restore point for internal partition before it process the update.
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Method 2: Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Windows 10 with Data Recovery Software

How does Data Recovery Software Work?

When we delete files from HDD in Windows 10/8/7, system will just delete the basic information of the file like the time, size, creator. Files will still be in the data block and get overwritten until new files saved to this block.

Just like that in the image, basic information and the save place information of the files are deleted once users process the delete operation. The data block will be marked to be available for new data. However, the content of the files still saved in the data block until new files save to this block. In other words, if computer saves new files to the data block where the deleted file saved, the content of the deleted files will be overwritten.
files deleted in HDD
Data recovery software will find deleted files by scanning the disk for related information, locate any recoverable data, piecing it back together and providing it in a salvageable format.

Here, we recommend you to try professional data recovery software – Renee Undeleter.

Preparation: Download and install Renee Undeleter.
Please do not install Renee Undeleter in the disk from which you deleted your files. It is recommended to install the software on the other disk.
press to the download button
download button mac5

Step 1: Launch Renee Undeleter and select “Fast Partition Scan” function.

This function supports to recover deleted files due to emptied recycle bin or Shift + Del.
Three Scan modes

Step 2: Choose the partition where you save the deleted files to scan.

If the files were saved in desktop or disk C, please stop using the computer and disconnect it from Internet. Because any Internet surfing operation will create pies of cache which will overwrite your lost files. Then you may lose the chance to recover the data back.
select a drive to scan

Step 3: Select “Fast Scan” and click “Next” to process the scan.

Please note that “Fast Scan” in “Fast Partition Scan” will just scan the 30GB of the free space. If you can not find the target files after scanning, please use ”Deep Scan” in “Fast Partition Scan”. Of course, this scan mode will take more time.
Select fast scan mode in renee undeleter

Step 4: Preview files in the scan result to check the quality when scan is processing.

Files in BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG, JPG, TIF, DOC, DOCX, HTM, PDF, PPT, PPTX, RAR, XLS, XLSX, ZIP formats could be preview before recovery.
preview before recovery
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Reasons of Data Recovery Failure in SSD

More and more computer adapts SSD to be the system disk and data storage drive. However, users may find that it is hard to recover deleted files from SSD.
SSD works in a different way from the traditional HDD. Windows XP through 10 all support Trim command which leads to the data recovery failure in SSD.
sata ssd
SSD wipes out the data block before it saves new data. However, SSD needs to process operation of wiping out and writing in at the same time when users save lots of new files to the SSD. As a result, the performance of the SSD gets poorer. So, trim command is released to solve this problem.
When a file is deleted from a SSD, the Trim command will delete the invalid data and wipe out the data block immediately to free up the space. As a result, we can not recover any deleted files form the data block of SSD.

However, when a file is deleted in magnetic hard drive, its data is not erased from the disk immediately. Instead, its data will be overwritten until HDD save new data in the future. So users can recover the deleted files form the HDD before data get overwritten with professional data recovery software.

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