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When editing videos, we should draw support from some video trimmers. Do you know how to edit videos for free? Here are some free video trimmers!

Part 1: Renee Video Editor

Renee Video Editor is powerful video editing software where users can convert formats, cut, crop, join and rotate videos. It also offers other functions, such as adding special effects, watermark, watermark remover, background music and opening/ending.
Renee Video Editor – Multi-function Video Editing SoftwareRenee Video Editor professional video edit tools

Seperate videos with different parametersUsers can seperate videos into equal clips by time, size and self-set parameter.

Cut Videos & AudiosUsers are free to cut videos and auidos clips by setting start and end time.

Multiple Edit ToolsMerge, crop, rotate, cut and transform video easily. Change and add background music, subtitles and watermark to video.

Format ConversionSupport to convert videos and audios into different formats.

Seperate videosSeperate videos into equal clips by time, size and self-set parameter.

Cut Videos & AudiosCut videos and auidos clips by setting start and end time.

Format ConversionConvert videos and audios into different formats.

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3000 users have downloaded and used Renee Video Editor!

First, please download and install Renee Video Editor. There are three kinds of cutters, easy, batch and advanced.
how to use renee video cutter to shorten a video

1. Easy Cutter

① Click [Add File] to select the target video file.
add files in free video trimmer renee video editor
② Move the progress bar or set the specific start and end time to select the clip, and then click [Cut] to keep this clip.
③ If you cut  a few clips at a time, you can check the option [Merge all files into one] to combine them together.
use free renee video trimmer to cut videos
④ After that, select an output folder to save the file. Finally, click [Start] to output it.
click start to save the cut videos in renee video editor

2. Batch Cutter

① Go to [Batch Cutter]. Click [Add File] to select one or more target files.
add batch video files in renee video editor
② Select the videos one by one and drag the progress bar or set the start and end time to pick up the target clips.
cut videos in batch cutter one by one
③ If you want to select the same period of these videos, you can click [Apply to all] and then they will begin and end at the same period.
utilize the same cut points to all videos in free video trimmer
④ Finally, select a destination and click [Start] to save these files.
click start and select a folder to save videos in renee video editor

3. Advanced Cutter

① Go into [Advanced Cutter]. Click [Add File] to select the target files.
add files in advanced cutter in renee video editor
② Like the above parts, drag the progress or set the specific time to cut the video.
how to cut videos in advanced cutter of renee video editor
③ Besides, you can further edit the cut video, such as adding filters, watermarks, subtitles and background music.
use other functions to edit video in advanced cutter
④ Finally, select an output format and output folder, and then click [Start] to save the edited video.
save and output mp4 file in advanced cutter

Part 2: FFmpeg

FFmpeg is a free, open-source program used for video editing. Through writing command lines, we can convert, cut and merge videos. Yet, if you are not clear about command lines, it is not suggested you use it to edit videos.
how to cut mp4 video with ffmpeg

Part 3: Machete Video Editor Lite

Machete is a video trimmer and Machete Video Editor Lite is the free version. The free version is simple and easy for quick editing. Yet, it only supports AVI and WMV formats. You should pay for the full version if you want more formats.
Machete Video Editor Lite

Part 4: VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor is a free video trimmer only used in Windows. All common video formats are available in it. Basic operations, such as rotating, cutting, joining and trimming videos, can be achieved. Yet, if you need technical support, you should pay USD$9.99 per month.
VSDC Free Video Editor

Part 5: Avidemux

Avidemux is also a free video trimmer. You can simply edit the videos in this software, like cutting, rotating and adding special effects. The functions of Avidemux are very simple. If you need to fully edit your video, Renee Video Editor is better.
avidemux free video trimmer