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My flash drive is not showing up on my Mac after plugging. Many Mac users have met the similar situation. This could be caused by the incorrect ejection when you use the disk last time. Solution of this problem will be provided here.

Plug in a external disk or USB disk to your Mac’s USB port but can not find the disk? Or the disk is not showing up? Do not worry! We can solve it with the following steps! Firstly, please install NTFS for Mac which can help you mount your USB disk normally. We can download the software from Paragon official site for free. Please following the instruction to install the software.
install NTFS for Mac
Do not konw how to install NTFS for Mac? Please refer to the official site which offers detailed install process.

Please open NTFS for Mac after installation in your Mac. Then you can see the USB disk you connected shown in the main interface but in grey.

At this moment, we need to click “Mount” button to make the disk show normally. Also we can unmount the disk after mounting.

If the USB disk is still not shown up, you can recover data from the disk in Mac with professional data recovery software and then format and reconnect the disk. If you do not know which data recovery software works on Mac, we recommend you to try professional data recovery software for Mac – Renee Undeleter. With Renee Undeleter, you can also recover data from other storage devices with simple steps.