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Learn how to resolve the error "windows update cannot currently check for updates" with our comprehensive guide. Avoid potential data loss by following our step-by-step solution.

Windows update cannot currently check for updates
I. Windows Update is currently unable to check for updates. How to solve it?
When encountering the error message “Windows Update is currently unable to check for updates because the service is not running. You may need to restart your computer”, and restarting the computer does not solve the problem, please try the following solutions. If you solve the problem through one of the methods problem, there is no need to try other methods.
Windows Update is currently unable to check for updates because the service is not running

1. Delete the files in the Software Distribution folder

The Software Distribution folder temporarily stores some files that may be needed to install Windows updates. Sometimes the Software Distribution folder can cause problems with Windows Update, and in some cases, deleting the files in this folder can help resolve Windows Update issues. The specific operation steps are as follows:
Step 1: Run the computer and press the (Windows+R) keys simultaneously to open the Run window. Next, enter the (Services.msc) command and press the (OK) button to open the Services window. After that, find (Windows Update), select it with the right mouse button, and select the (Stop) option at the same time.
stop windows update
Step 2: Next, press the (Windows+R) keys simultaneously to open the Run window, then copy-paste (C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution) into the text box and press the (OK) key to open the Software Distribution on your computer folder.
Run C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution
Step 3: Select all files listed in the Software Distribution folder, right-click them and select (Delete), which requires administrator privileges.
Delete the files in the Software Distribution folder
Step 4: Then reopen the “Services” window (press the (Windows+R) key at the same time to open the “Run” window, enter the (Services.msc) command and press the (OK) key to open), right-click the ( Windows Update) option, select the (Start) option. After the operation is complete, restart the computer and perform Windows update again to check whether the problem is resolved.
Start the windows update service

2. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Windows Update Troubleshooter is a system update troubleshooting tool built into the Windows system, which can help users troubleshoot and fix most of the problems encountered during the system update process. Therefore, when we encounter Windows update errors, try to run the Windows update troubleshooter to solve them. Proceed as follows:
Step 1: Run the computer, press the (Windows+I) key on the keyboard at the same time to open the setting interface. Then click into the (Update and Security) option.
Updates and Security
Step 2: Find (Troubleshooting) in the function bar on the left, then select the (Windows Update) option on the right, and click the (Run Troubleshooting) button. Wait a few moments after troubleshooting is complete to see if the problem is resolved. For some Windows system versions, after selecting (Troubleshooting), click (Other Troubleshooting) > (Windows Update), and then click the (Run Troubleshooting) button.
Troubleshooting Windows Updates

3. Update RST driver

Intel Rapid Storage Technology (Intel Rapid Storage Technology) referred to as RST, when the RST driver is outdated, missing or damaged, it may cause the problem that Windows Update is currently unable to check for updates. Therefore, we can try to update the driver in the device manager, or go to the Intel official website to search for the latest driver for your Windows version to download and install.
Intel official website RST driver download page
That’s all for how to fix “Windows Update is currently unable to check for updates because the service is not running”. If you find that files are missing after the repair is complete or during daily use of the computer, you can check the following methods to scan and restore them.
II. (Extended information) Use Renee Undeleter to recover lost data

1. What is Renee Undeleter?

Renee Undeleter is a professional data recovery software that supports recovery of various types of data such as documents, photos, videos, and compressed files. In the event of accidentally deleting files, emptying the recycle bin, formatting the hard disk, deleting partitions by mistake, as long as the lost data has not been overwritten, this software has a chance to help you scan and recover files. The software has four functional modules: file recovery, format recovery, partition recovery and image creation, which can meet most data recovery needs.
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Easy to use Recover data by 3 steps;

Multiple scan modes Fast partition scan, whole partition scan and whole disk scan;

Supported file types Image, video, audio, text, email and so on;

Image creation Create a partition image to read and back up data;

Supported devices SD card, SDHC, SDXC, USB flash drive, hard disk and computer.

Easy to use Recover data by 3 steps;

Multiple scan modes Fast partition/whole partition/whole disk scan;

Supported devices SD card/USB/hard disk.

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2. How to recover lost files with Renee Undeleter?

The specific steps to restore files with Renee Undeleter are as follows:
Step 1: Download, install and run Renee Undeleter on a Windows computer, and select the (File Recovery) option on the main interface.
Note: Do not install the software on the disk that needs to recover data, so as not to cause data overwriting. In addition, after the file is lost, please do not save new data to the same disk partition, so as not to damage or completely lose the lost file.
Select file recovery options
Step 2: Next, select the partition where the lost data is located and click on (Next).
Select target device for file recovery
Step 3: Select the (Quick Scan) option and click the (Next) button to scan.
Tips: The quick scan mode only scans the first 30GB of the remaining space of the selected disk. If the desired file is not found after scanning, you can use the deep scan mode to try to scan the hard disk partition again. It will take more time, but more data can be scanned.
File Recovery Quick Scan Options
Step 4: Wait for the scan to complete, you can double-click the file to preview, then check the file to be recovered, click the (Recover) button to restore the file to another disk.
File Recovery Select files to be restored