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Want to get an SSD with the best and fastest performance? Now you can get closer to the best SSD - Intel Optane 900P here.

For users who value the performance of the SSD and do not have limitation on budget, we will recommend Intel Optane 900p which is the best SSD with high technology we could find. Unlike any other SSD which uses NAND flash memory,  Intel Optane 900p comes with 3D XPoint which is developed by Intel and Micron.

Attractive Advantages of 3D XPoint:

  • The sequential read/write speed of Intel Optane 900p can reach upp to 2.5GB/s and 2.0GB/s.
  • Reaches up to 550,000/500,000 read/write IPOS, which is well beyond any other SSD.
  • Read/write latency has been minimized to 10 microsecond!
  • The endurance of Intel Optane 900p is rated at an absolutely ludicrous 8,750 TBW (terabytes written). While the endurance of most NAND-based SSDs are rated at about 200 TBW. In other words, Intel Optane 900p is almost immortal.
However, the cost to get the great performance is not easy. The Intel Optane SSD 900P will come to market at $389 for 280 GB and $599 for 480 GB. However, this price is much higher than any other M.2 NVMe flagship SSD. The Intel Optane SSD 900P isn’t for everyone. If you are a SSD performance junkie and have enough budget, the Intel Optane 900P is a good choice for you.
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Support NTFS and FAT32 Redeploy files in different file systems

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