Renee Becca system migration

SSD Migration Subject

Here, we will introduce all related knowledge about before and after migrating system to SSD, like how to choose SSD, knowledge about SSD flash memory, etc.

5G Speed? How fast is it?

Will 5G challenge the traditional hard disk when the download rate is improved? Will we change our disks? You may get the answer in this article.

How to Clone Large HDD to a Smaller SSD in Windows 10?

Some users said that it was very time-consuming to install an new operating system after replacing HDD with SSD. So, most users choose to directly clone HDD to the newly installed SSD. But some users don’t know how to make it. This article will provide methods about how to clone HDD to SSD (with smaller capacity) in Windows 10 quickly. Detailed instructions on installing an SSD will be provided as well.

How to Format a New SSD in Windows 7/10 and Mac OS?

Why does a new SSD need to be formatted and how to format it? Read this article and you will learn about some considerations and suggestions of formatting an SSD.Besides, the ways of formatting an SSD in Windows 7/10 and macOS will also be provided for your reference.

How to Install and Optimize SSD?

Besides knowing how to install SSD, get more about how to optimize SSD also very important. Contents below can help users to install the SSD correctly and optimize the SSD to get the best performance.

How to Choose Suitable Hard Drive Enclosure

Want to choose an external hard drive enclosure but do not know which one is suitable? Now, you can get more information and recommendation about choosing external hard drive enclosure here.