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Learn how to easily edit PDF documents on your Android system mobile phone, enabling you to revise content on-the-go, anytime and anywhere.

I. How to edit PDF documents on Android system mobile phones

edit pdf on android
There are many applications that support editing PDF documents on the Android system. Here are two popular editing applications on the market, hoping to help you edit PDF documents more conveniently.

(1) PDF Reader

PDF Reader is an Android mobile PDF editor with high user ratings. Using this application, you can convert PDF files into writable files, so that users can edit the content. In addition to supporting format conversion, this application also has functions such as PDF file merging\page splitting\page deletion\page rotation. PDF Reader supports free format conversion, 168G cloud storage space and OCR text recognition function after membership membership, and the annual price is 144 yuan.
PDF Reader The specific operation steps of format conversion:
Step 1: In the app store of the Android mobile device, search for (PDF Reader), and install it.
Install (PDF Reader)
Step 2: After the installation is complete, enter the application, use WeChat or QQ to log in, and click (Format Conversion) on (Homepage).
PDF Reader interface
Step 3: Click (Select File) in the newly popped-up interface, then select the converted format, such as Word, and click (Format Conversion).
(Format conversion) button
Step 4: After the conversion is complete, find the converted file in (Documents), and then download the file locally. After downloading to the local, you can use some mobile office software (such as: WPS) to edit.
download file

(2) Fast PDF Converter

Editing PDF files on the Android system with Quick PDF Converter is also very easy to operate. We use the quick PDF converter to convert PDF files into writable files (Word files, Excel files, TXT files, etc.), and then edit the contents inside.
QuickPDF The specific operation steps of the converter:
Step 1: Install Quick PDF Converter in the app store, after the installation is complete, enter the app. Click the format to be converted in the initial interface (this article uses Word as an example).
(PDF to WORD) button
Step 2: Then select the file that needs to be converted, and click to start the conversion. After the conversion is completed, find the converted file in the (file library) on the initial interface, and then modify it with the help of some mobile office software (eg: WPS).
convert file
tipsIf the software does not have a membership, it can only convert the content of the first 5 pages, and if it is a membership, it can convert all the content. The price of membership is 89 RMB/two years.
The above are the applications and related operation steps that can edit PDF documents on Android mobile phones, I hope it will be helpful to you. For users who want to edit PDF documents on a Windows system computer, we will also introduce a very practical Windows system PDF file editor in the following chapters, which not only supports PDF format conversion, but also can perform a series of PDF documents The basic editor, friends who are interested, please read on!

II. Use Renee PDF Aide to edit PDF documents on PC

In addition to editing PDF documents on mobile phones, we can also edit PDF files on computers. Using software to edit PDF files on a computer can often provide users with richer editing functions and a more professional editing experience. If there are a lot of content to be modified in the PDF document, the quickest way is to convert the PDF to a writable file (Word\Excel\TXT, etc.), and then edit the content. The Renee PDF Aide tool that I will introduce to you below is one of the most popular professional PDF editing software on the market. With this software, we can easily convert PDF files into writable files, and then edit PDF files.
Rene.E Laboratory ™PDF What is a converter?
Renee PDF Aide It is one of the professional PDF converters on the market. This software can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, PPT, EPUB, TXT, HTML and other formats, and can also convert pictures to PDF files. The software is equipped with advanced OCR technology, which can maximize the character recognition rate when converting PDF format. In addition to the file format conversion function, you can also repair/optimize/split/merge/encrypt/decrypt/add watermarks to PDF documents.
Hot Topic - ADsRenee PDF Aide - Powerful PDF Editing Tool

Easy to use Friendly to computer beginners

Multifunctional Encrypt/decrypt/split/merge/add watermark

Safe Protect PDF with AES256 algorithms

Quick Edit/convert dozens of PDF files in batch

Compatible Convert PDF to Excel/PowerPoint/Text, etc.

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Functional Encrypt/decrypt/split/merge/watermark

Safe Protect PDF with AES256 algorithms

Free TrialFree TrialNow 800 people have obtained the free version!
Using Rene.E Laboratory™PDF The specific operation steps of the converter for format conversion (to convert to Word example):
Step 1: Download and install Renee PDF Aide.
Step 2: After the installation is complete, select the “Convert PDF” option on the interface.
"Convert PDF" control
Step 3: Then in the newly pop-up interface, click “Add File” to load the PDF file that needs to be edited.
"Add file" control
Step 4: Select the format document to be output. (This article takes converting to a Word document as an example)
Choice of output format
Step 5: We can also choose (enable OCR). In OCR mode, you need to select the OCR language corresponding to the PDF document, which can greatly improve the character recognition rate.
Instructions for enabling OCR technology:
In Renee PDF Aide, enabling OCR technology includes two functions. Right now
A. Recognize text in pictures or PDF scans. This option can recognize text in pictures or PDF scans, and the accuracy of text recognition can be further improved with the help of OCR technology.
B. Identify built-in fonts (to avoid garbled characters). This option is applicable to the situation where there are built-in fonts in the PDF source file, which can avoid garbled characters after the format conversion is completed.
Step 6: Select the storage address of the file in (Output Settings), and then click the “Convert” button to quickly export the converted file. After that, find the converted file in the saved location of the file, and you can edit it.
to convert
When we choose the output format, we can choose the output format according to the content of the document and the actual needs. For example, if the PDF file we want to edit is a table, then we can choose to convert the PDF to an Excel file; if we only need to edit the text of the PDF , do not need pictures of PDF files, then you can choose to convert PDF to TXT files and so on.

III. Article Summary

In this article, we will introduce the methods of editing PDF documents on Android phones and Windows computers.
There are 2 easy ways to edit PDF documents on Android: PDF Reader and Quick PDF Converter. Among these two methods, if you only need to convert the format and then edit the PDF file, it is recommended to use a quick PDF converter with a lower price. If you need more professional PDF editing functions (for example: PDF splitting, PDF merging, etc.), then it is recommended to use PDF Reader for operation.
Note: The price of Quick PDF Converter is 89 RMB/2 years, and the price of PDF Reader is 144 RMB/1 year.
To edit PDF documents on a Windows computer, you can choose a more cost-effective PDF editing software. For example, Renee PDF Aide can not only convert multiple formats, but also repair/optimize/split/merge/encrypt/decrypt/add watermark to PDF documents. You can choose according to your actual needs.