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Many factors can lead SSD performance to slow down. In this essay, we will tell you how to improve SSD performance and introduce some utility tools to check SSD health.

run health check when ssd performance is slowing down

Factors Leading SSD Performance to Slow Down and Solutions

1. Excessive reads/writes in SSD flash memory blocks

Compared with the traditional HDD, SSD cannot overwrite data. If new data should be placed on the used part, the original data should be erased. That being said, a block of SSD should be written, transferred and erased. Gradually, more and more blocks should be erased when the SSD works. That will inevitably cause slow performance.

Generally, the quality SSD can serve better performance.

Note: The life and performance of SSD is related to the NAND cells. If you want to know more details, click here to learn more.

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2. No 4K alignment

4K alignment is very critical to SSD. This is a high-level way to format. “4K sector” is used to define the hard disk patent. Data should be written under the rules of 4K sector and the sector is enlarged from 512 bytes to 4096 bytes (or 4K). These changes can step up formatting and make much storage space available. Besides, it provides with the advanced error correcting function.

ssd health check result before and after 4k alignment

How to achieve 4K alignment:

① Windows 7 and the latter versions

In Windows 7 and the latter versions, you can make partitions with the Disk Management tool set along with the system. It can achieve disk formatting and auto 4K alignment.

② Versions below Windows 7

If your operating system is below Windows 7 but you don’t want to install a new system, you should draw support from using the third-party software, like Disk Genius.

3. Not enabled or disenabled TRIM

TRIM is critical to sustain performance of the SSD driver program. It can effectively speed up SSD performance. Yet, you should ensure that your SSD supports to enable TRIM.

How to enable TRIM command:

① Search [cmd] in Windows search box. Then, right click at Command Prompt and select [Run as administrator].

run command prompt as administrator in start menu

② In Command Prompt, type [fsutil behavior query disabledeletenotify] and press Enter to run. The result “0” means you have enabled TRIM while “1” means it is still disenabled.

check whether trim has been enabled

③ If you want to enable TRIM, you can run this command [fsutil behavior set DisableDeleteNotify 0].

enable trim for ssd

4. Closely full use of SSD space

SSD, the important storage media in computer, will store more and more data. The low performance could be caused by the reduction of available space as well. If you want a SSD to perform well, you should ensure 20% space can be used at least. When SSD performance slows down, you should clear the unnecessary files and caches.

5. Disk defragmentation

Disk defragmentation is suitable for portable hard drive, not for SSD. Running disk defragmentation will increase reads/writes of SSD, thereby additionally wearout the drive. Even worse, that will slow down SSD performance and shorten its lifespan.

If you need to disenable disk defragmentation, please follow these steps:

① Highlight the target SSD in [This PC]. Then, right-click at it and select [Properties].

right click at properties
② In the tab [Tools], click [Optimize] in the section [Optimize and defragment drive]. Then, click [Turn on] and follow to uncheck [Run on a schedule (recommended)]. Finally, click [OK].
use disk defragmentation to optimize drive

Tools for SSD Health Check

AS SSD Benchmark – test hard disk performance

AS SSD Benchmark is a small, handy and reliable tool for running SSD health check. With this software, you can determine your SSD to conduct specific tests. It can test the sequential or random read/write performance without using the caches.
run ssd health check with as ssd benchmark

CrystalDiskInfo – check hard disk health

CrystalDiskInfo is a tool to check HHD and SSD health. It can monitor S.M.A.R.T. values and send warnings as the hard disk is close to collapse.

The below screenshot is shown that the health status of the drive is good, with 100% life left.

run ssd health check with crystaldiskinfo

How to Recover Damaged SSD

When your SSD slows down to transfer data or suddenly stop the running programs, you should be alert that it is being damaged. Basically, a SSD can be used for 5 years. That requires you back up files daily. Otherwise, the data will be lost when the SSD is broken. If you want to retrieve the lost data, hope you try Renee Undeleter.
press to the download button
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How to save SSD data with Renee Undeleter:

① Download and install Renee Undeleter. Then, select [Whole Partition Scan]. This function can recover data from the disk whose file system has been severely damaged.

select whole partition scan in renee undeleter to recover deleted video from sd card
② Select the target hard drive and click [Next] to go on.
Renee Undeleter Whole Partition Scan
③ Wait for scanning. The scan time depends on the capacity of the disk. It takes a longer time to scan the larger disk.
scan and preview files to recover
④ At last, the results will be shown at the left pane. Double-click to preview them and check the target files. Click [Recover] to save them.
preview and select the files to recover in renee undeleter