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Learn four effective ways to optimize your PDF files for faster uploading and sharing without compromising the quality of the content.

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I. Why PDF optimization?

PDF supports embedded fonts and multimedia, high-compression pictures, vector graphics and other content, and also supports encrypted documents, and is compatible with multiple systems and platforms. Even if it is transmitted and used between multiple devices, it can also ensure that its typesetting style is consistent. Because of its multiple practical features, PDF is always sought after by many users. If the PDF document mainly contains characters and a few pictures, the size of the PDF file will not be very large. If the PDF file contains many high-quality photos or the PDF file is converted from Illustrator or a Word document containing clip art, the PDF file size will definitely increase a lot.
Therefore, when transferring this type of PDF file, some problems will also be encountered, such as the transfer time of the PDF file is too long, the PDF file is too large and cannot be uploaded, etc. In fact, the easiest, fastest, and most effective way is to compress PDF files.
Just search on the Internet, you can get a lot of PDF compression tools, there are online tools, and there are downloaded software. How to choose? Rene.E Laboratory recommends choosing an effective and easy-to-operate PDF compression tool.

II. Common tools for compressing and optimizing PDF documents

1. Renee PDF Aide

In order to solve the problem that the PDF file takes a long time to upload and the PDF file is too large to be sent, it is recommended that you use Rene.E Laboratory ™PDF conversion software Perform file compression. The “Optimize” function in this software provides three PDF compression options to help you compress files quickly. In addition to PDF optimization and compression, Renee PDF Aide also provides a variety of PDF editing and conversion functions, which can convert PDF files to Word / Excel / PowerPoint / EPUB / Image / HTML / TXT and other common formats at a speed of up to 80 pages per minute. It can also convert scanned PDFs and text in pictures into editable text formats, and also supports one-click batch conversion.
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Multifunctional Encrypt/decrypt/split/merge/add watermark

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The specific operation steps are as follows:
Step 1: After downloading and installing Renee PDF Aide, click (PDF Toolset).
Renee PDF Aide main interface
Step 2: Click (Optimize) > (Add File) to import the PDF file.
Step 3: Tick the desired optimization options.
● Online page loading speed (linearize): This optimization option is suitable for webpage PDFs, and the loading will be smoother after optimization.
● Compress images: Compress images in PDF files.
● Compress data stream: Compress PDF file data stream. (PDF file capacity becomes smaller)
Step 4: Finally click the (Convert) button.
Renee PDF Aide's Optimization Features

2. Word

When you want to convert the edited Word document to PDF, you can save the document to the smallest size. The specific operation is as follows.
Step 1: In Word, click (File) and (Save As).
Step 2: Select the target location for document storage.
Step 3: In the (Save as type) column, select (PDF). Then, tick (Minimum file size).
Step 4: Click (Options) and make sure that (Compliant with PDF/A) and (Display text bitmap when fonts cannot be embedded) are not checked.
Step 5: Click the (Save) button.
Convert Word document to PDF

3. Adobe software

method one :use Acrobat Distiller creates small-sized PDF file
Acrobat Distiller can be used to convert documents from PostScript format to Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format). Start Acrobat Distiller, and select (Edit Adobe PDF Settings) in the (Settings) option. Then, you can customize the compatible format, resolution and other parameters of the PDF file. Additionally, the file can be reduced to a size that the Internet can easily handle if optimized for Web display. If you have a large number of PDF files to process, you can improve work efficiency by setting the parameters of the PDF files in advance.
Method Two: Use Adobe Acrobat Pro to Optimize PDF Files
Adobe Acrobat Pro can be called the best among PDF editors. This software includes a variety of functions, such as optimize PDF, create PDF, edit PDF, add annotations, enhance scanning, protect PDF, etc., including:
①Adjust the image parameters in the PDF document. The size of a PDF document is largely determined by the size of the pictures in the document. If the PDF document contains high-quality pictures or vector graphics, the size of the document will increase considerably. We can use the image settings of Adobe Acrobat Pro to reduce the pixel sampling of the image, convert the image to a high-compression format and reduce the image quality, thereby compressing the PDF file size.
② Cancel the embedded font. PDF files can preserve the fonts used in the original file intact because it allows font files to be embedded. These font files will also occupy a certain amount of storage capacity, resulting in an increase in the size of the PDF file. Adobe Acrobat Pro allows unusing embedded fonts. The size of the PDF file is also reduced as a result.
③ Customize the transparency of the document. The transparency of the document also affects the file size.
④Choose who to give up, Includes form submissions, import and reset actions, JavaScript actions, alternate images, and more. Remove some unnecessary objects to compress the size of PDF files.
⑤ Check to give up user-related information, Such as comments, forms, multimedia, document information, metadata, etc.
⑥Compress and organize documents. Optimize and compress documents according to certain rules.
Optimizing PDFs with Adobe Acrobat Pro
Kind tipsIn addition to compressing documents, Adobe Acrobat Pro can also optimize scanned PDF documents, making fuzzy scanned PDF documents clearer. The specific operation is as follows:
In the toolbar, click (Edit). Then select (Preferences). Then choose (Page Display) > (Rendering) and change the Smooth Text setting to (For Display). Other options under the (Rendering) tab, keep the default settings. Document content becomes clear in an instant.
Use the Adobe Acrobat Pro page to display render settings

4. Preview App (Mac)

For Mac computers, we can use the “Preview” application to compress PDF files. You can refer to the following steps to compress the PDF file size.
Step 1: Right-click the target PDF document, and select (Open With)>(Preview).
Step 2: In the menu bar, select (File) and (Export) (do not select (Export to PDF)). Next, click (Quartz filter). In the pop-up menu, choose (Reduce file size). Then select a location to save the file and click (Save).
Preview reduces file size
After using the (Preview) application to compress the document, if the text or photos are blurred, you can adjust the compression rate through the system’s built-in (Color Synchronization Utility).
Step 1: Right-click the target PDF document, and then select (Open With)>(Color Synchronization Utility). In the filter, click (Update Live from Filter Inspector), then click the drop-down icon to the right of (Reduce File Size), and select (Copy Filter). (Image sampling) and (Image compression) parameters can be set in the copied filter (ie Reduce File Size_copy). After the setting is complete, return to the filter selection interface again, select the filter you just set, that is (Reduce File Size_copy), and click the (Apply) button on the right.
ColorSync Utility Settings
Step 2: Then, click (File) > (Save As) in the upper left corner, set the file name, save location and save format, and click the (Save) button.
Colorsync utility save file

III. Summary

Those are four ways to compress and optimize PDF documents. If the PDF document comes from an edited Word document, we can quickly compress the PDF document by selecting the minimum size when saving it in PDF format. For Mac users, the (Preview) application is also a useful tool that can easily reduce the size of PDF documents without installing third-party tools, saving time, effort and money.
The software that offers the most comprehensive optimization features is Adobe Acrobat Pro. It can modify PDF optimization settings from multiple angles, such as fonts, images, transparency, etc., allowing you to personalize and compress PDF documents. In addition, Adobe Acrobat Pro can also optimize PDF scans, and solve the problem of blurred characters in scanned copies with one click. However, the use of the optimization function of this software requires users to have a basic understanding of PDF documents, otherwise it will be difficult for users to operate, and the price is relatively expensive.
As for the PDF optimization and compression functions of Renee PDF Aide, although it is not as rich as Adobe Acrobat Pro’s functions, it can definitely meet the general needs of users. Moreover, Renee PDF Aide is easy to use, and the processing speed of PDF documents is fast, and PDF optimization and compression can be completed with just a few clicks.
If you have strict parameter requirements for PDF file compression, you can choose Adobe Acrobat Pro. For starters, try Renee PDF Aide.