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When you insert the SD card or microSD card into the PC, it probably shows up “Secure Digital Storage Device”. What is it? This article will give you the answer and tell you how to solve it. By the way, it will talk about how to recover the lost data in SD and microSD cards.

What is SD Card?

SD card, namely Secure Digital Memory Card, is a portable device designed for data storage and data transmission, applicable to some portable devices, such as cameras, gamers, smartphones as well as computers and laptops.
different sd card sizes and types
There are 3 sizes of SD card – the (full-size) SD card, the mini SD card and the micro SD card. The physical dimension of the SD card is the biggest and the microSD card is the smallest, and it usually appears in portable devices, such as smartphones and some small storage devices.
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Reasons of SD Card Shows up “Secure Digital Storage Device” in Windows?

It shows up “Secure Digital Storage Device” as we insert the SD card into the PC. What does it means? Such problem should be discussed in two situations.
secure digital storage device

Situation 1. Can be Read by PC

If your SD card can be read by the PC, “Secure Digital Storage Device” maybe just the drive name defined by Windows. After all, this is the full name of SD card.

Situation 2. Cannot be Read by PC

If your SD card cannot be read by the PC, you can try the suggestions below:
1. Change another card reader. It could be incompatible with the card reader.
2. Change another port or slot. Maybe there is something wrong with the USB port or the slot.
3. Reinsert the SD card or use an eraser to gently clean the contacts. The dirt on the SD card will cause higher electronic resistance, which will prevent connection.
recover deleted photos from android by ereasing sd card contacts
4. Press the card a little harder or wrap it around a piece of paper. The contacts may be not elastic anymore, so it cannot connect to the port or the slot rightly.
5. Change a new SD card if the hardware is faulty.
6. Possibly, the SD card has been encrypted and enabled write-protection.
You can follow these methods to remove write-protection:

(1) Unlock SD card with the physical switch

Alongside the SD card, some manufacturers will add a switch. If it is locked, the file in the card cannot be modified. You can check and keep it unlocked if your SD card has such switch. Then you can insert the SD card again.
sd card lock to fix a sandisk sd card that wont format
However, if your SD card doesn’t have such lock, please refer to the following methods.

(2) Use registry to remove write-protection

① Connect the SD card to the computer.
② Press the keys [Win + R] to open the Run box.
press the keys win+r
③ Type [regedit] and hit Enter to run Registry Editor.
open registry editor by running regedit
④ Navigate to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control]. Then check the key [StorageDevicePolicies] in Control. Then at the right side, double-click [WriteProtect] to change the value to “0”.
control in registry editor
change write protect value to 0
⑤ If you can’t find the item [StorageDevicePolicies], right-click at [Control] and add a new key named as [StorageDevicePolicies]. Then, right-click at the blank area to add [DWORD (32-bit) Value] or [QWORD (64-bit) Value] named as [WriteProtect]. The bit is based on your PC system.
add new key in control by registry editor
add dword in storage device policies
⑥ Then double-click [WriteProtect] and change the value to 0. Reinsert the SD card to check.
change write protect value to 0
As all these methods have been carried out, the SD card still cannot be read. You can try to format the card. It is noted that the data should be backed up beforehand. If the data is lost unluckily, the third-party software may help you recover them.
① Right-click at the SD card to select [Format].
sd card formatted in this pc
② In the pop-up window, select the file system and click [Start].
how to format the SD card or reformat a hard drive
③ Then the system will notify you all data will be erased. Click [OK] to confirm.
click ok to format sd card
④  Await formatting.
finish formatting sd card
If you lost important data in the SD card, you can follow these steps to recover them quickly.

How to Recover Lost Data in SD Card?

Data Recovery Software- Renee Undeleter

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  • Formatted recovery – Scan the whole partition and list all files, especially for the formatted partition or inaccessible issue.
  • Partition recovery – Scan entire disk to find out all partitions’ information and simulate the partition table.
  • Image creation – Clone a partition image which can be used in case that reading partition is slow or need a backup.
① Download and install Renee Undeleter.
download software button win
download software button mac clear2
② Select [Whole Partition Scan]. Of course, you can select the other modes based on your own needs.
select whole partition scan in renee undeleter
③ Select the partition where your data is lost. Then click [Next].
select the target drive to scan in renee undeleter
④ Then the partition will be scanned. You can preview the scanned files and check the target ones. Click [Recover] to bring them back!
scan and preview files to recover