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SD card is a portable storage device used in phones and cameras. We usually use it to expand the phone capacity in order to save more photos and videos. How if the phone is not reading the SD card? Go to read this essay!

how of smart phone is not reading sd card

Why Smart Phone is not Reading SD Card?

Why the smart phone is sometimes not reading the SD card? We list some reasons:
1. Not correctly install SD card

If the SD card is not installed correctly, the smart phone cannot read it. Please check whether the card is installed well.

2. Poor connection with phone

The faults on the contacts or the slot, or the dirt on the contacts, can lead the SD card not to be recognized.

3. Attacked by virus

If the SD card is unfortunately attacked by virus, it will not be read.

4. Incompatible with file system

If the file system of the SD card is incompatible with the phone, it will not be read. Then, you can format the card to a suitable file system.

5. Error or damage on file system

Bad blocks on the hot plug or on the SD card, can also lead the file system to go wrong or not to be read on the phone.

6. Incompatible with smart phone

The operating system version of the smart phone is too old to support the SD card. Or, the capacity of the SD card is too large to be supported by the phone.

7. Protected / encrypted SD card

If the SD card is protected / encrypted, the phone cannot read the card. You should remove the encryption beforehand.

8. Damage on components

If the components of the SD card, such as the chip, are physically damaged, the phone cannot read the card.

9. Damage on phone

If the slot of the phone is squeezed, damaged, rusty or bent, the SD card cannot be read.

Quick check:
Once the phone is not reading the SD card, you can try it on another phone. If it can be read on another phone, it is approved that the SD card runs well and you should check your phone. If it is not, you should check the SD card. Here are some approaches to checking the SD card.

How If Smart Phone is not Reading SD Card?

1. Reinstall SD Card

① Plug out the SD card. Then, use an eraser to slightly clean the contacts and the slot of the phone.

② Reinstall the card on the phone. Then, restart the phone to check whether it can be read now.

③ After that, if the card can be read, it is approved that the contacts were poor.

clean sd card when the phone is not reading it
If the SD card is still not read by the phone, you should recover the data on the card beforehand; then, follow the next approaches to fix the card.

2. Recover SD Card

Renee Undeleter is professional software for data recovery. It can skip the bad blocks of the SD card to rebuild the file system with the “fingerprint” technology and the reconstruction of the file system. This software can help you retrieve data from the formatted / deleted / damaged SD card as much as possible.
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① Download and install Renee Undeleter. Then, connect the SD card to your PC.
② Launch the software and select one of the scan modes. In this example, we select [Fast Partition Scan].
how to recover photos from sd card select the function fast partition scan in renee undeleter
③ Select the target SD card and click [Next].
④ Select [Fast Scan] or [Deep Scan]. The former one can save time while the latter one can scan the disk thoroughly.
select fast scan mode in renee undeleter
⑤ Select the file types. If you are not sure, please select [Default Settings].
select file types to recover
⑥ Wait for scanning. Then, check the target files and click [Recover].
select the target files to recover in fast partition scan
⑦ Select a folder and click [Recover] to save the data.
select the destination to save the recovered files in renee undeleter to restore sd card to full capacity
Note!The SD card will be fixed in the next step. Don’t save the recovered data in the SD card in case of data loss.

3. Check on PC

① Use a card reader to connect the SD card to PC.
insert micro sd card into card reader
② Open [This PC] and go to the SD card.
③ Right-click at it and select [Properties].
right click at properties
④ In the tab [Tools], click [Check].
go to usb properties and check it
⑤ The tool will tell you whether the SD card is wrong or not. If there is something wrong, please click [Scan and repair drive] to fix it.
confirm to scan the usb to find errors
⑥ As the above process is finished, eject the SD card and inject it to the phone.

4. Fix SD Card by CHKDSK Command

① Press [Win + S] and search [cmd].
search cmd to open command prompt
② Right-click at [Command Prompt] and select [Run as administrator].
run command prompt as administrator in start menu
③ Type [chkdsk f:/f]. f: is the letter of the SD card (Type the letter name of your SD card.). /f is the order to fix the SD card.
④ Then, the command will automatically check the SD card and try to fix it.
chkdsk f /f to fix sd card recovery
Finally, eject the card and check if it can be used on the phone.

5. Format SD Card

① Right-click at the Start menu and select [Disk Management].
open windows disk management
② Right-click at the SD card and select [Format].
right click to select format sd card in disk management
③ Select the target files system; check [Perform a quick format]; click [OK].
select file system in sd card formatting if sd card is unexpectedly removed
④ Then, you will be informed that all data saved on the SD card will be cleared. Click [OK] to format the SD card.
click ok to format sd card
Note!this step is to clear all data saved on the SD card. If it has been unfortunately formatted, please refer to “how to fix and recover formatted SD card?” and recover the data.
However, through these approaches, if the phone is still not reading the SD card, the card may have been damaged physically. You have to repair it or change a new card.