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You can record sounds from your computer or microphone at the same time or independently. Support multiple output format. Find the guidance with step by step processes about different problem.

How to Convert MIDI to MP3?

MIDI is incompatible with lots of software and devices and we usually need to convert MIDI to the other formats. Since MP3 is accepted by many pieces of audio editing software and mobile devices, we can convert MIDI to MP3. What is MIDI? How to convert MIDI to MP3?


How to Record Music from YouTube?

When we are listening to music or watching videos on YouTube, we should be online. But, can we save and play them offline? So, how can we record music from YouTube? How about selecting a suitable audio format?


How to Convert YouTube Music to 320KBPS MP3

YouTube is an international website where users can share their videos and view others videos. How to convert the favorite music videos to 320kbps MP3 when we are appreciating them on YouTube? In the essay, we will introduce some approaches to you!


How to Split Audio from Video?

Sometimes we are attracted by some music and audios in videos. How to split and save these music and audios? In this essay, related methods in Windows and Mac OS will be introduced to you.


How to Record Streaming Audio or Live Stream to Learn English?

Now the streaming audio, streaming video and live stream are popular on the Internet. You can directly listen to the radio or watch videos online. If you want to keep the English-language videos or audio for learning English, it’s suggested to record them. Read this article and you will know how to record the streaming audio, streaming video or live stream on the PC and mobile phone. The way of learning English via English-language videos or radios will be shared here as well.


MP3 Converter: How to Convert Dailymotion to MP3

Dailymotion is a video sharing platform, with tons of amazing videos uploading to it. If you want to download the audio track of those videos and to save them as MP3, you can refer to the following two approaches provided by this essay.