Renee Audio Recorder package

Renee Audio Recorder Pro

You can record sounds from your computer or microphone at the same time or independently. Support multiple output format. Find the guidance with step by step processes about different problem.

How to Encrypt External Hard Drive in Windows 10

Want to provide better protection to data in external hard drive? Best way is to encrypt them which means password protected. This passage will introduce 2 practical methods including Bitlocker and a professional data protector.


Folder Lock Software for Windows 8

Want to provide independent protection to your private folder in Windows 8 with password? Professional folder lock software – Renee File Protector can help you! It contains different protect plans which can provide different level of protection your folder. Follow us and start the protection now!


Password Protect USB Data with USB Pen Drive Locker

Best method to prevent data being view, change or even copied is to password protect them! Even the data is saved in USB pen drive! Now, with Renee File Protector, you can password protect data in USB selectively. Just a few simple steps, you can make it!


How to Password Protect Folder in External Hard Drive

Afraid of others steal the data inside external hard drives or USB disk when you borrow to them or lost the disk? Professional data security software – Renee File Protector can free you from these kind of troubles. Provides password protection to folders inside external hard drives, USB, etc. Guest password enables the authorized users to view the data.