Renee iPhone recovery

Renee iPhone Recovery

How to recover you deleted files/data from iOS devices with Renee iPhone Recovery? The following articles will give you solutions with step by step processes about different problems.

iTunes Backup Location and How to Change it in Windows 10?

What is iTunes? It should be not familiar for iPhone users. iTunes will backup files in iOS devices automatically. However, the storage space of C disk in Windows 10 is limited. Is there any method to change the location of the backup files that iTunes creates. Here, we will introduce some methods to help you change iTunes backup location in Windows 10 and how to recover deleted files from iOS devices.


Solutions To iPhone 3004 Error

Users who use iPhone can upgrade IOS system via computer. However, there are some problems during upgrade. Many users encounter a problem concerning a 3004 not found error, so IOS system cannot be updated. What happened? Below are some reasons and solutions.