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Nowadays, it is common for us to watch and download videos online. Some people even prefer to add the classic clips into their own works. How do we use a video trimmer to trim video clips? In this essay, we will tell you the ways. Besides, we will introduce the main formats of online videos and the subtitle types.

Main Formats and Subtitle Types of Online Videos

1. Video Formats

We usually watch videos online. These videos are saved in different formats, such as AVI, MKV, MP4 and RMVB. Here is the introduction of these main video formats.


AVI, fully known as Audio Video Interleaved, is one of the common video formats, a multimedia container format published by Microsoft.


MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14) is the common multimedia container format used to store audio, video and the other media information. It can be played in almost all media players.


MKV is the multimedia container format. MKV can contain various coding, video, audio and subtitle streams. Videos and audios in different formats, multiple language subtitles can be contained in one file.


RMVB (RealMedia Variable Bitrate) is a variable bitrate extension of the RealMedia multimedia digital container format developed by RealNetworks. It is always used in animation videos and Asian films.

2. Subtitle Types

Subtitles can be categorized into two types: hard subtitles and soft subtitles.

Hard subtitles (embedded)

In this type, the subtitle text is added into the original video frames. Once the video is played, the subtitles will be shown. But these subtitles cannot be deleted, switched or edited.

Soft subtitles (internal, external subtitles)

Soft subtitles are divided into external and internal subtitles. External subtitles mean the separate files and the file formats are various. You can add or edit the subtitle file to the video at any time. That ensures the video screen will not be spoiled by subtitles.

Internal subtitles are rooted in a video. They can be downloaded and copied along with the video. For example, a MKV can contain two or more available subtitle files. If necessary, the subtitle files can be separated, edited and replaced.

Subtitle for different video:

Video formats

Video formats

AVISoft subtitles (external, internal subtitles)
MKVSoft subtitles (external, internal subtitles)
MP4Hard subtitles (embedded)
RMVBHard subtitles (embedded)

How to Trim Videos in Different Formats with Video Trimmer

Renee Video Editor is a professional video trimmer. Users can freely split videos in different formats, and cut, merge, rotate and compress videos. In addition, users can add subtitle files, watermarks, effects and background music. Renee Video Editor can fulfill all our needs in editing videos!
Renee Video Editor – Multi-function Video Editing SoftwareRenee Video Editor professional video edit tools

Seperate videos with different parametersUsers can seperate videos into equal clips by time, size and self-set parameter.

Cut Videos & AudiosUsers are free to cut videos and auidos clips by setting start and end time.

Multiple Edit ToolsMerge, crop, rotate, cut and transform video easily. Change and add background music, subtitles and watermark to video.

Format ConversionSupport to convert videos and audios into different formats.

Seperate videosSeperate videos into equal clips by time, size and self-set parameter.

Cut Videos & AudiosCut videos and auidos clips by setting start and end time.

Format ConversionConvert videos and audios into different formats.

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First, download and install the video trimmer — Renee Video Editor. Then, open and click [Split]. Next, select one of the following methods to trim your video.
click to split video in renee video editor

1. Manually Trim Video

  • At the left side, check [Manually split]. Move the sliders and then click the below button to split. After that, click [Start] to save the split file.
use renee video trimmer to split video manually

2. Trim Video by Length

  • Check the first option [Limit each Segment to] and then select a time length. Next, click [Split] to split the video into clips with the same time length.
trim video in the same size with renee video editor

3. Trim Video by Size

  • Check the second option [Limit each Segment to] and then select a video size. Next, click [Split] to split the video into clips with the same size.
use renee video trimmer to split video by size

4. Trim Video into Average Clips

  • Check the option [Average Segment into] and then type a number. Next, click [Split] to averagely split the video into clips.
how to cut a video at average with renee video editor