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Nowadays, short videos have great influence on Internet. Compared with texts and images, short videos can convey much more information and provide better visual experience. If you want to cut some clips out of a video, a multi-functional video cutter is necessary. Next, let’s go and see some free video cutters.

Part 1: Free Video Cutters
Facing thousands of marketed video cutters, which one are free and well-performing?

Renee Video Editor

Renee Video Editor can detect the selected videos and take priority to lossless cut if permitted. If the resolutions or the formats are not identical, it can recode the videos but greatly ensure the quality. Users will feel free because they don’t’ need to use the complex coding tool to reset the video parameters.
Renee Video Editor – Multi-function Video Editing SoftwareRenee Video Editor professional video edit tools

Seperate videos with different parametersUsers can seperate videos into equal clips by time, size and self-set parameter.

Cut Videos & AudiosUsers are free to cut videos and auidos clips by setting start and end time.

Multiple Edit ToolsMerge, crop, rotate, cut and transform video easily. Change and add background music, subtitles and watermark to video.

Format ConversionSupport to convert videos and audios into different formats.

Seperate videosSeperate videos into equal clips by time, size and self-set parameter.

Cut Videos & AudiosCut videos and auidos clips by setting start and end time.

Format ConversionConvert videos and audios into different formats.

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3000 users have downloaded and used Renee Video Editor!

Among various video formats, MKV is special. MKV is a multimedia container format where unlimited videos, audios, images and subtitles can be stored. Theoretically, similar with AVI, MP4 and ASF, the technical specification is completely open. Many video cutters can achieve lossy cut for MKV videos while they cannot specify the audio tracks and subtitles. However, Renee Video Editor hits this point. It can realize lossless cut and ensure the synchronization of images and sounds.
What’s more, Renee Video Editor can not only edit each audio track and subtitle but also allow users to cut a video by time and by size, so users can quickly divide a large video into small clips with equal length or size. You can freely select videos because of no limitation with the size. For example, if you need to upload a 5-min video to a platform where each video should be limited to below 2 minutes, you can use the function [Limit segment to time] to divide the video into several clips.
functions in free video cutter renee video editor
TipsCheck the option [Force video re-encoding] can ensure the synchronization of sounds and images. Yet, this function will prolong to process videos.
1. Cut by size or by time

What should we do if a CD cannot hold a multi-GB TS file? You can divide it into some pieces and put them into several CDs. The cutter in Renee Video Editor can help you complete these steps.

renee video editor split videos by size
Split averagely

If a video is too large, it will not play fluently in the low-configured computer. Yet, if you averagely split it into several clips, the audio and video quality will be better.

renee video editor devide video into parts
In addition, in Renee Video Editor, you can add various special effects, watermarks, music, subtitles and opening/ending.
add special effects in renee video editor


EDIUS is a free, non-linear video cutter developed by Grass Valley, an American company, specifically used for broadcasting and video post-production. Apart from quickly and concretely cutting videos, EDIUS offers many functions, such as the real-time and multiple audio tracks, mix of multiple formats, color key, output of subtitles and time lines. In addition, users can freely combine videos and have no need to convert the formats. You can even preview various video effects when editing.
how to use free video cutter edius


Pitivi is a free open-source video cutter written with Python, based on GStreamer ad GTK+. It is friendly to both of newbie and professional producers. Pitivi can crop, cut, combine and adjust audios and videos. What’ more, it can save any formats supported by the GSteamer frame.
free video cutter pitivi


VirtualDub is a free video cutter. The functions are great, even equal to some professional software, like Premiere and Media Studio. VirtualDub mainly serve two kinds of users, those who edit short videos and those who make instant dynamic image capture.
free video cutter virtualdub
Part 2: Notes about Video Editing
When editing a video, you may meet with these cases:

1. The video and audio quality is declined.

2. The images lag behind the audios in the split video.

If you want to solve these problems, go to learn about the following parts!

Difference between Lossless Cut and Lossy Cut

Lossless cut: It means that a video is edited directly. This way will not degrade the audio or video quality because it skips the process of recoding.

Lossy cut: It means that a video is encoded again and then edited. Generally, the coding way is lossy compression in a video. If the video is encoded again, the audio and video quality will be degraded.

Any Problem in Lossy Cut?

We can treat a video as a collection of bitmaps. If the bitmaps are large, the video will also be large. In order to speed up processing the video, the video editor generally compresses it to shrink the size. Yet, that will weaken the color performance.

Why Images Lag behind Audios?

1. Low configured computer

If the computer is not equipped well, GPU cannot perform well. Then, the system is unable to update the images. Gradually, the images will lag behind the sounds. Please remember to troubleshoot the software at first. Try to update the drivers of the graphics card and the sound card and notice whether they are compatible with the hardware. If the latest versions don’t work, try the earlier versions.

2. Video bugs

Video bugs generated from the operations can lead images and sounds to be out of synchronization. At this situation, you have to give up the videos or download it again.

3. Improper use of video editor

Different video software is designed with different functions and usages. When you find that images lag behind sounds, you can review your operations on the video editor.

4. Bugs on video editor

If there are bug in the video splitter, you should update to the latest version or use the full version. If the problem cannot be solved, you should change a better application.

5. Bugs on video player

Too many video players will disorder the encoder and the decoder in the operating system, which leads images and sounds are out of synchronization. It is suggested that you install two video players at most.