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Failed to boot from the new SSD after clone finish? Do not know the exactly reason? Maybe this passage could help you find it out!

SSD has become a good choice when computer users want to improve the performance of computer and experience the excellent speed. Of course, we can make the SSD to be the system disk and preserve all the data in the original disk by cloning disk with 100% freeware – Renee Becca.
You can boot from the new SSD once clone finish. But sometimes, users meet the situation that the SSD can not boot normally. What is the reason and how to solve this? Here we will go through.

Reasons of SSD Boot Failure

  1. SSD with defective quality.
  2. Wrong clone methods. Such as directly copy and paste all the files in Windows system to SSD. As we all known, part of information which need to boot Windows will not be shown. Simply copy and paste will not work for copying disk which contains system.
  3. Using unqualified third-party software.
  4. Make wrong boot order in BIOS

How to Solve SSD Boot Failure

1. SSD with defective quality. If we meet this, the only solution is to change another SSD. Even we still use the defective SSD, we will meet more problems like failed to boot, blue screen, etc in future use. We can choose a reliable SSD manufacturer so as to avoid defective SSD.
2. Wrong clone methods. Abandon the directly copy and paste method. Try to use dock station which is equipped with clone function or some other 3rd-praty software.
3.Search for reliable software which can clone disk like Renee Becca which can clone disk including SSD and make them bootable.
4. If you are sure that the SSD works fine and clone is successful but still failed to boot, please make sure you have make the right operation when setting the BIOS.

You can have a check through the following method:

1).Make sure the format of the original disk.

Go to “Disk Management” and right click the original disk. Select “Properties” on the menu.

check disk's properties
2). Please click “Volumes” item on the pop up window.

If “Disk style” appear to be “MBR”, then you need to change the boot order in BIOS. If it is GPT, you need to change the boot order in BIOS of UEFI.

partition style
Hope these methods can help you solve the boot problem of SSD.